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1.  MTLINCS Star Points:  ESL

Yes, there are only five points on the MTLINCS STAR, each one indicative of Montana OPI ABLE initiatives!    


Click on ESL Star Point at . Recently, some of you participated in the ESL conference call which introduced some of the new ways the Montana ESOL community will remain in contact with one another.  You will find that on the Resource link at  .  

Updates:  Just by clicking on the month under Updates, you will also have access to any current ESL information that has been posted.  Access to information is just a click away!  Stay informed!


2.  MT ABLE Learning to Achieve:  Faces and Resources of L2A




Click here  to access the Faces of Learning to Achieve. 




Click here  to access L2A Resources, i.e. Unlocking the Potential of Adults with Learning Differences


3.  Montana MABLE Update on Montana ABLE Policies and Procedures

Montana ABLE Policies and Procedures and MABLE Updates on Employment Goals and Employment Status

Click here to access updates.

MABLE Updates   (Changes to MABLE Updates are posted chronologically at the end of the FAQ’s.)

Click here  for more information.

4.  ESL Resource:  The Life Skills, College, and Career Readiness Guide for ESOL Learners


Taken from LINCS ELA Discussion List

Click here


A new free resource is available for your use: THE LIFE SKILLS, COLLEGE, AND CAREER READINESS GUIDE FOR ESOL LEARNERS.   The Guide was developed by the Massachusetts Dept. of Adult and Secondary Education, the System for Adult Basic Education Support, and several Mass practitioners, with technical assistance from the Center for Applied Linguistics.


The Guide provides teachers with sample activities to use in their classrooms to help ESOL students develop the skills and knowledge they need to achieve their "next steps" employment, academic, or life skills goals. This resource is NOT a list of skills, of which there are many examples, but a resource that translates those skills into interesting classroom activities.

The Guide is actually three guides, one each for Basic (SPLs 0-3), Intermediate (SPLs 4-5), and Advanced (SPL 6) ESOL learners. The Guide developers felt strongly that even Basic Level ESOL students can practice next steps skills in the classroom. While this resource was especially designed for ESOL learners, the activities can be easily adapted for ABE and Transitions students as well.


5.  Writing:  Developing Writers – FREE Video Workshop for Teachers  


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Need some help teaching writing?  Check out this great FREE resource of professionally done videos!


Click here to access Developing Writers: An Eight Part Professional Development Workshop  


Developing Writers: An Eight Part Professional Development Workshop produced by Maryland Public Television and Annenberg Media is a video workshop consisting of eight video programs, a print guide, and a Web site. Although this series was developed for grades 9–12 writing and language arts teachers, it is appropriate for adult literacy instructors. Teachers can use the components for professional development in two-hour weekly group sessions, or on their own.


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