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1.  Trainings for Montana ABLE Programs:  Learning to Achieve and Standards in Action Technical Assistance Traveling Team:  Have you contacted OPI yet? 


Learning to Achieve, initially launched by the National Institute for Literacy, is designed to build state capacity to increase the achievement of students with learning disabilities.  L2A training provides practical intervention strategies.  A major theme in research and practice is that effective interventions for this heterogeneous group are appropriate for all individuals who struggle with learning.


Western Region:

        When:  Thursday, October 20, 8:30 to 3:30

        Where:  Missoula, UM COT Room HB17

        Trainers:  Sheri Wilson, Camille Pomeroy, Shirley Burns, Shelly Barrett-Catton, and Fawn Thibodeaux

        Click here  for more registration information. 


Eastern Region:

        When:  Thursday, October 27, 8:30 to 3:30

        Where:  Billings Lincoln Center Board Room

        Trainers:  Christine Malchuski, Brydeen Warwood, Valorie Ericson, and Norene Peterson

        Click here  for more information. 


Click here  and click on Learning to Achieve Information Update for more information.


Montana Standards in Action (SIA) Technical Assistance Traveling Team (TATT


On the road again!  Would your ABLE program like some onsite assistance from TATT in order to implement Standards in Action in the math area?  Contact Carol Flynn asap.


2.  Montana Data Quality 2011 Resources


Have you looked at the Montana Data Quality 2011 Resources?  Recognize anyone you know?  Click on the following items:


Montana ABLE Policies and Procedures


Data Quality Resources:

       Faces of Data Quality 2011

       Montana Data Research

       Montana Performance-based Formula

o   The Golden Circle

       On the Road Again

       SIA Math Radical Worksheet


Data Wiki coming soon!


3.  Montana ABLE ShopTalk:  October 18


Contact Carol Flynn for more information.


4.   Transitions:  Complete College America Time is the Enemy Findings about Part-time, Developmental Education, and Low-income Students


Taken from LINCS Transitions Discussion List

Does any of this surprise you?  Although Montana was not one of the 33 states to participate in the study, there is still Montana data at .  Interesting!

The Complete College America recent study on national completion rates includes data on part-time, developmental education and low-come students from the 33 states that participated in the study.  Among the findings are:


        Part-time students rarely graduate.

        Poor students and students of color struggle the most to graduate.

        Students are taking too many credits and too much time to complete.

        Remediation is broken, producing few students who ultimately graduate.


For a summary of this report and details about each of the 33 states, go to


5.   Transitions:  Journey through College


Taken from LINCS Transitions Discussion List

To add to the collection of resources on the college completion topic, you might also wish to look at two brand-new reports called Journeys through College (at, click on Publications and Research). The reports compare the outcomes and college experiences for first-year college students - those with a traditional high school diploma and those with GED credentials. College students with GED credentials graduate less frequently. However, developmental course-taking rates were similar for both groups, as were college GPA and attendance. Happy browsing,

Margaret Patterson, PhD, Washington, DC 



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