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MTLINCS To Do List (In a constantly changing world, some things just do not change!  To do lists still exist!)


       Wish all a Happy New Year just did! 

       Review MTLINCS done throughout the fall of 2011 via the highlighting of specific portions of MTLINCS and also done in this email via the overall review of MTLINCS  

       Archive 2011 MTLINCS Whats New done and posted at

       Compile 2011 Stats done and posted at

       Hit the ground walking done - time to enjoy life along the way! 



Montana ABLE Information


1.  MTLINCS Showcase

What Montana activities have been showcased on MTLINCS since 2004?  Check out MTLINCS Showcase.


Click on Showcase which is located at the top left-hand column under State News and Events on the MTLINCS homepage at  You will find activities such as Data, ESL, Distance Learning, Content Standards, Reading, etc.

Cant find what you are looking for?  Send a message to MTLINCS at .


2.  Montana ABLE Learning to Achieve Online Assignment

Just a reminder to complete the L2A online module assignment - deadline is 1/18/11.

Click here to access Online Module Directions posted on the L2A Resource page.


3.  MTLINCS Big Picture Review


Some folks do better with a big picture review.  So here it is for your viewing pleasure.


A.   Search


Do you need to Search for something on MTLINCS?  There is a Search button on the homepage.  Click here to access the Search tool.  Dont forget to select the following:  Search - MT LINCS. 


B.   Email Archives


Having trouble receiving the MTLINCS emails?  All emails are archived.  There is an Email Archive button at the top of the left-hand side of the homepage.  Click here to access the Email Archives.  


C.   Montana OPI Initiatives


Check out the STAR on the homepage.  Montana ABLE is the center of all activity with Data surrounding it.  STAR points will lead you to links to all of the state initiatives. 


Montana ABLE

Montana ABLE will give you access to Montana OPI with links to Policies and Procedures, Program and Student Highlights, Faces of ABLE, Shop Talk summaries, Research, Updates from Montana ABLE, etc.



Data encompasses and strengthens MTABLE and its initiatives.  A summary of MTLINCS stats indicates that there has been a marked interest in data during 2011.


Standards in Action

Standards in Action morphed from the Content Standards link.  The Technical Assistance Team is now touring the state to provide training in the math content area.


Distance Learning/Research-based Instruction   

Distance Learning via the use of SkillsTutor still continues in Montana for several programs.


Learning to Achieve  

Learning to Achieve regional trainings were held throughout the state.  L2A training provides practical intervention strategies for working with students with learning disabilities.  A major theme in research is that effective interventions for this heterogeneous group are appropriate for all individuals who struggle with learningContinued strategies will be posted throughout the spring of 2012. 


Career Pathways  

Career Pathways is a focus on the national scene and is rapidly becoming a central theme for Montana ABLE.  Several resources have been already posted at .



During the spring of 2011, Montana hosted its Third ESOL Conference.  Two significant outcomes of that conference were the creation of the ESL Professional Wiki and the ESL Student Blog which will be implemented in more depth in 2012.


D.   Content Area Websites, Reading is the Bridge, and Montana Pilot Project


Over the past years MTLINCS has provided links to several resources provided by Montana ABLE staff.  The tradition continues with the new Content Area Websites.


Content Area Websites


Reading is the Bridge


Montana Pilot Project 


E.   Other Items


MTLINCS users can find several other useful links.


       Whats New




       Programs and Activities




       MTLINCS Statistics


       Montana ABLE Statistics  


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