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1.   ESL Resource:  ESL Courses


Click here to check out a very inclusive esl website.


2.   Learning Disabilities Discussion:  Opening Doors for Students with Dyslexia or Reading Disabilities


Taken from LINCS Learning Disabilities Discussion List

Learning Disabilities Discussion List and

Community of Practice


Moderator – Rochelle Kenyon, Ed.D.


Guest Speaker Topic:

Assignment Reading:  Opening Doors for Students with Dyslexia or Reading Disabilities


Discussion Dates:  June 6-10, 2011


Guest Speaker: Susan Jones, M.Ed., Academic Development Specialist

Susan Jones, M.Ed. (Learning Disabilities) has been teaching and tutoring secondary students and adults for over 25 years.   She has also completed extensive graduate level work in gifted education, math education, and instructional technology.   She was trained in Orton-Gillingham methods and was a language fundamentals teacher at The New Community School in Richmond, Virginia, where she also learned effective strategies and scaffolding techniques to help students comprehend what they read. She has written several articles for LDOnline and edited Dr. Steven Chinn’s Tools for the Times Tables for American Audiences, stories and lesson plans for the K-12 online reading curriculum, and has many of her teaching resources at her website .  She spends less time on that now that she is an “Academic Development Specialist” at Parkland College, where she has the delightfully challenging job of working with students, faculty, and staff to use, discover and develop tools to enable students to reach their learning and career goals.  She is still determined to find ways to use technology to develop multisensory, interactive learning to build numeracy and literacy skills.


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3.   Professional Development Webinar - New Trends in Education:  Formal, non-formal and Informal Learning – Implications for Evaluation and Assessment


Taken from LINCS Professional Development Discussion List

The Ontario Literacy Coalition has a series of professional development webinars for literacy  professionals. Join us for the next webinar:
“New Trends in Education: Formal, Non-formal and Informal Learning – Implications for Evaluation and Assessment”.
Tuesday, June 7, 2011
1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT (There is a link to show that in your time zone here:

This is a free event for educators and literacy professionals. But there’s one catch. They have a limited number of seats, so if you’re interested, you’ll need to reserve your spot:
Sarah Elaine Eaton, Ph.D.
Research Associate, Language Research Centre, University of Calgary


4.   Technology Resource:  Tildee


Do you need to quickly create a tutorial?  Click here and check out Tildee.  (Thanks to Linda Eckert for a heads up on this site!)

5.   Workforce and ESOL


Taken from LINCS Workforce Discussion List

In 2000, the Florida adult ESOL Practitioner Task Force developed a special ESOL course to bridge students from the National Reporting System (NTS) High Beginning ESL level to Career and Technical Education (CTE) instruction in general.  They called it ELCATE, English Literacy for Career and Technical Education.   The ELCATE Curriculum Standards can be found on the FL DOE website, at  The course has three levels that align to the top three NRS levels of ESL. Low Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced.


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