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1.   Montana ABLE Facts and Statistics:  Now that you have the picture, let’s keep it on the wall!


Click here to view current facts and statistics about Montana ABLE.  Information to meet your needs is offered in a variety of formats:  lists, pictures, etc.  The Facts and Statistics link is always on the MTLINCS homepage at .  Just look on the left-hand side under About Literacy


2.   Montana ABLE Student and Program Highlights


Click here  to check out what your Montana programs (Great Falls, Missoula, and Salish Kootenai) and students have been doing. 


3.   Montana MABLE Conference Parking Lot


Click here  to access answers to the Parking Lot questions.


4.   Montana Content Area Websites:  New Websites Posted!


Click here to access the Montana Content Area Websites which is now a link on the Teacher/Tutor page at


New Postings


o   Assessment:   Posted on ESL link at

o   Note-taking link: Posted on Reading link at

o   Writing Assessment:  Posted on ESL link at


If you have any content area websites you would like to recommend to others, click here to email the website to MTLINCS.


5.   MAACE:  What Are Your Montana Colleagues Doing?


Click here  to check out what your Montana colleagues have been doing. 

The MAACE link is always on the MTLINCS homepage at .  Just look below the star and click on Montana Association for Adult and Community Education - MAACE.


6.   Graphic Organizers


Graphic Organizers with UDL

This resource includes an introduction to graphic organizers and includes a discussion of the research evidence for their effectiveness. It also addresses important questions about graphic organizers that are relevant to classroom practice, including whether graphic organizers are beneficial to students with disabilities and what instructional context makes them most effective.


7.   Professional Development


Research on Professional Development and Teacher Change:  Implications for Adult Basic Education

This resource provides an overview of research on professional development for adult basic education (ABE) teachers and K–12 teachers.  Two models of professional development—a traditional model and a job-embedded model—are discussed.  Standards-based teaching and learning are examined as well as the key factors that influence how teachers change through professional development.


8.   Technology:  Apps for Students


Taken from LINCS Tech and DL Discussion posting by Kay Combs, Program Coordinator at Georgetown, KY


Apps for Students

Check out our website at  and (the iPod Touch for Adult Education link at ).  We have resources for teachers and list many of the apps we have available for our students to use.  Many of our students ask us what the app is, download it on their smart device and use at home.  In addition, we encourage our students to access YouTube if possible at home and search for a video on whatever area they are having trouble.  They are videos available from how to solve fractions to learning the fifty states….it will just astound you!

Kay Combs


9.   Transitions:  Note-taking

 Taken from LINCS Transition Discussion

I have a suggestion for your resource links: This site offers some unambiguous advice about improving note taking skills.   

10.   Transitions:  Promising Practices


Promising Practices for Transitioning Students from Adult Education to Postsecondary Education

This resource highlights models and practices that have been used in adult education programs throughout the United States and provides practitioners with an array of strategies and examples that could be implemented in adult education and community colleges.



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