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1.   Montana MABLE Pre/Post Test Language Change


Click here for Language Change on TABE Pre/Post Test.


2.   Montana ABLE TABE/BEST+ Training and ESOL Conference:  Deadline April 1


Click here to view information about trainings.


3.   Montana ABLE ESOL Study Circle Update


Click here for recommended reading for the 1/24 conference call.


4.   Diversity Discussion:  The Impact of Domestic Violence in Adult Education


What: The Impact of Domestic Violence in Adult Education


Where: Diversity and Literacy List (to subscribe, go to: You will be sent an email requesting confirmation of your subscription. Please follow the directions in the email to verify your subscription request).


When: March 28-April 1, 2011


Guest Facilitators: Andres Muro and Erika Mein


Suggested Reading: Muro, A., & Mein, E. (2010). Domestic trauma and adult education on the United States-Mexico Border. Adult Basic Education and Literacy Journal, 4, 140-150. To retrieve this article please go to:


Where can I learn more about this discussion:


5.   ELA Discussion Snippets


Taken from LINCS ELA Discussion List


Click here to access Developing Oral Proficiency of Adults Learning English.


My colleague, Sarah Young, and I presented on a new resource from CAL on Developing Oral Proficiency in Adults Learning English It’s a free online resource for adult ESL teachers who want to know more about improving students’ English speaking and listening skills. It has information about needs assessment, oral proficiency and standardized assessment, video clips of adult ESL students at different English proficiency levels, and almost 100 speaking and listening instructional activities to enrich your classroom practice …

Bryan Woerner

Center for Applied Linguistics

6.  Numeracy Discussion:  Number Sense in Adult Learners


Taken from LINCS Numeracy Discussion List

Here are some snippets from the discussion.  Click here to access all National LINCS Discussion Archives.

Snippet #1

Teachers and Staff:

The website I found helpful for Numeracy for Students and Teachers to give students to comprehend is

This website has a list of math lessons and exercises for students to learn and master.
Debbie Moore-Hargrove

Snippet #2

According to Dr. Ruby Payne, it will help. If you understand the part-whole of a situation, you can plan. You understand cause and effect. You understand that actions have consequences. Sequencing is part of planning.


There are all kinds of "but.." and "what if"... that go with the above statement …


Dorothea Steinke


Snippet #3

For an interesting way to have students work on the concepts of positive and negative integers, check out the article, "Seeing is Believing" from Focus on Basics.  It's written by three thoughtful and brilliant math adult educators who organize the Math Exchange Group in NYC.
Here's the link:


7.   Technology Report:  Digital Nation - Expanding Internet Usage


Taken from LINCS Technology Discussion List

Click here  to access the report from the U.S. Department of Commerce national Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Research Preview from February 2011.  As Nell Eckersley states, “… that underscores various digital divides.”


 “Almost one-third of American households still lack a broadband connection. We need to make sure no one is left behind in the digital age. Significant gaps in Internet usage still exist among certain demographic and geographic groups around the country. People with college degrees adopt broadband at almost triple the rate of those with some high school education (84% versus 30%), among adults 25 years and older. The rates for White (68%) and Asian non-Hispanics (69%) exceed those for Black non-Hispanics (50%) and Hispanics (45%) by 18 percentage points or more. Rural America lags behind urban areas by ten percentage points (60% versus 70%).”



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