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1.   Montana ABLE Student and Program Highlights:  Walk in Our Shoes


Click here  to view Montana ABLE students.  Walk in Our Shoes!!!


Student Thoughts about Education


Read what ABLE students have to say about education!


·      Adult Education Student:  Education is Important

·      Adult Education at COT

·      Adult Education Students Accept Challenges  


Watch and listen on KTVQ what ABLE students have to say about education!


Has anything been happening in your area?  Click here to share with MTLINCS.


Student Highlights


Click here  to view highlights about Montana ABLE students and programs.  Do you have anything new to share?  Click here to send it to MTLINCS!!!


2.   Montana ABLE Facts and Statistics:   What Has Montana ABLE Been Doing?


Just in case you missed last week’s email - Click here  to discover the significant contributions Montana ABLE programs have made to the great state of Montana!  Share this with your friends!


·      A Second Chance… The GED High School equivalency


·      An Opportunity to Work – Employment


·      Beyond High School – Post Secondary Education and Training


·      Public Safety


·      Our Children


·      Our Future


3.   Montana GED Statistics


Click here to access information about Montana GED statistics.


4.   MAACE:  Montana Association for Adult and Community Education


Click here  to view MAACE Advocacy information.  If you would like to be in the MAACE email group, please contact Kathie Daviau at   

 5.   Montana ABLE Directors’ Meeting Resources


Click here access resources from the February 10 Directors’ Meeting.

Directors' Meeting Resources

6.   Learning Disabilities Resources


Learning to Achieve: A Professional’s Guide to Educating Adults with Learning Disabilities


Learning to Achieve: A Review of the Research Literature on Employment Experiences and Outcomes for Youth and Adults with Learning Disabilities



7.   Reading:  Using Blogs


Taken from LINCS Read/Write Discussion:


… some links that might be helpful regarding blogs

Free Technology for Teachers:

Teacher Tips for Blogging Projects:  is a relatively new blogging platform that might be particularly useful for this type of project.  Posterous makes it particularly easy to post new content as you can just email you new post to Posterous and it will immediately be added.  Other popular blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress allow this to, but it’s a little more complicated.


8.   Workplace:  Doing Business Together


A new CAAL publication was released yesterday (Feb. 8, 2011).  DOING BUSINESS TOGETHER: Adult Education and Business Partnering to Build a Qualified Workforce, is by CAAL Research/Policy Associate Jim Parker.  It results from a project to stimulate more and effective business involvement in planning for and providing basic and workforce skills to current and potential workers.  The report has a heavy focus on what works in states where excellent models already exist in adult education and business collaboration.  It discusses elements of successful partnerships, outlines exemplary models in 16 states, and provides suggestions for future action by adult education and business leaders.  The report is available from


9.   Writing:  Montana University System Writing Assessment (MUSWA) Training


Click here to access information about MUSWA training dates.



Click here to access information about MUSWA training 

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