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1.   Montana ABLE Facts and Statistics


Click here to view current facts and statistics about Montana ABLE.



The twenty (20) Montana Adult Basic and Literacy and GED programs throughout Montana serve approximately 5,000 to 6,000 Montana citizens per year from the ages of 16 and up.



Approximately 1,500 are between 16-18 years of age and 4,500 adults are over the age of 18. 



Approximately 260,000 classroom hours are provided per year.



Approximately 955 adults obtain their GED per year.

Approximately 200 immigrants take English as Second Language instruction per year.



Approximate expenditure of state dollars per student:  $87!!!


Final cost of Montana ABLE:  PRICELESS!




Students attend ABE programs in order to do the following:

·       improve literacy skills

·       prepare for the GED

·       retool for the workplace

·       prepare for college



2.   Montana ABLE State of the State Update:  Conference Call on 2/15 from 3 to 4


In Helena – Call 444-7946, 4727.

Out of Helena - Call 1-888-556-4635, 4727.


3.   Montana ABLE Student and Program Highlights


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Click here  to read student writing about the value of education!



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