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1.   Montana ABLE Data Quality:  A Reminder!

Data Action Plans are due Monday, November 8

Email your Action Plan to Margaret Bowles at with a cc: to Carol Flynn at .


Do you need a sample Action Plan Click here for Sample Action Plan.


Do you need the template Click here for Template for Action Plan.


Click here  to access the main page for the new MT ABLE Data link. 

(You can always find the Data page by clicking on the MTLINCS homepage and clicking on the word Data on the Montana ABLE graphic.) 


2.   MABLE Data Divers Extraordinaire:  Part II

Click here Divers Extraordinaire! to see more MABLE Data Divers File 2


3.   Montana Content Area Websites:  Flashcard Maker


Click here to view the newest recommendation by Kathy J of Billings for a Flashcard Maker.


Click here to access the Montana Content Area Websites which is now a link on the Teacher/Tutor page at


Several times during the year, Montana ABLE staff recommends websites to their colleagues.  A new link has been added on the Teacher/Tutor page for these recommendations.  For example, Katya from Great Falls just recently recommended some Creating PowerPoint tutorial websites to the ESOL Study Circle.  Those sites are listed on the Technology link.   


If you have any content area websites you would like to recommend to others, click here to email the website to MTLINCS.


4.   Montana ESOL Study Circle


Click here to read about the Montana ESOL Study Circle.


5.   Corrections:  Work after Prison


Click here  to access Work After Prison:  One Year Findings from the Transitional Jobs Reentry Demonstration.   


"Work After Prison: One-Year Findings from the Transitional Jobs Reentry Demonstration"

The Transitional Jobs Reentry Demonstration is testing a program that provides temporary subsidized jobs, support services, and job placement help to former prisoners in four Midwestern cities.  This report describes how the demonstration was implemented and assesses how the transitional jobs programs affected employment and recidivism during the first year after people entered the project.


6.   Health Literacy


Click here  to access an article by Dr. Matthew Wyni and Andrew Jager write about Changing Your Communication Climate.  


7.   Workplace:  ABE Career Connections  


Click here  to access A Manual for Integrating Adult Basic Education in Career Pathways.

A new resource has been posted to the LINCS Workforce Competitiveness Collection that you may find of interest.  Adult Basic Education Career Connections (ABECC) was a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, from 2006 to 2010 to work with five sites across the country to demonstrate the impact of connecting ABE programs with career pathways in prominent industries in their communities. This manual provides a good overview of career pathways with examples from programs that are successfully transitioning learners to high priority occupations such as health care and the building trades. To view the abstract and what the experts say go to:


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