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1.   Montana Meetings

·      GED Annual Conference:  October 5

·      ABLE Data Quality:  October 6 & 7

Qualified ABLE programs eligible.  Contact Carol Flynn at OPI for more information. 


Click here  for the Data Quality agenda.


2.   National Reporting System (NRS) for the 21st Century:  Feedback for NRS Proposed Changes


Click here  to access the six revised NRS Issue papers presented at the Congress Adult Education State Directors and another proposal from OVAE about collecting some new student demographic and teacher qualifications data.


Note from Margaret Bowles, Montana Adult Education State Director: 


After reading the proposed papers, please send your comments, concerns, likes, or dislikes directly to Margaret Bowles.  

Respond no later than Monday, October 11th.  


3.   National LINCS Website:  Welcome Back!


Click here to access the new and improved LINCS! 


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LINCS also invites you to visit and bookmark the new website at for all of the other resources you have always found on the NIFL site.


4.   Distance Learning Discussion - Assessing Distance Education Students:  Participation, Progress, and Achievement

Click here to access information about the discussion.

The guest participants are from the Project IDEAL Support Center at the University of Michigan.  Project IDEAL is a consortium of 25 states that are working to build effective distance education programs for their ABE students. Since 2002 the Project IDEAL Support Center has provided member states with technical assistance for program planning, teacher training, program evaluation, and assessment. The Support Center develops training materials, online courses, and Web-based research tools that member states use to manage and improve their programs. Center staff have written policy papers on core issues in distance education and promoted communication among states through online community building, collaborative conference presentations, newsletters, conference calls, and an annual workshop devoted to sharing best practices and building the skills of state staff involved in distance education. 


5.   MAACE at MEA  


Click here for the MAACE at MEA Schedule. 



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