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1.   Montana MABLE Conference


Success!  Thanks to all who participated.  Stay tuned for information gleaned from MABLE Conference.


Thanks to everyone for a great data userís conference. It was wonderful to hear the collaborative dialogue and glean so much from each other.

Margaret Bowles, Montana ABLE Director

2.   Professional Development:  CAAL Paper on Certification of Ad Ed Instructional Staff


Click here to access the report. 


CAAL recently released CERTIFYING ADULT EDUCATION STAFF AND FACULTY, by Professor Cristine Smith of the University of Massachusetts with Ricardo Gomez.  This 88-page report is a primer on who is doing what in certification and credentialing of instructional personnel in adult education programs across the country.  It was prepared as a background information paper for a CAAL Roundtable held in June 2010.  It reviews certification activities, and variations among those activities, at the state level and in postsecondary institutions.  It considers the pros and cons of developing a comprehensive certification system with comparable elements across the states, and offers suggestions for research and action.  One of three appendices gives examples of eleven state and national systems/frameworks for setting and tracking teaching standards and competency. The report is available from .  Spiral-bound hard copies are available from CAAL for $20 each plus postage.  CAAL will soon publish its overall project wrap-up paper on this topic, by CAAL Vice President Forrest Chsiman, containing analysis and recommendations.   


3.   Reading Charts and Graphs:  World Health Graph Video


Click here .  Check out this amazing graph.  David Rosen says the following:


I find fascinating this 4-minute narrated video that animates national life expectancy and income scatterplot data, 120,000 numbers over 200 years. I wonder if you think it would be a useful resource for teaching about graphing and/or world health. If so, how would you use it in your classroom or online course?


4.   Transitions:  Lacking a Degree Can Hurt Retirement


Click here article on financial literacy!



Workers with only a high school education are significantly more likely to have "guessed" their retirement savings needs compared with those with college or postgrad degrees Ö


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