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1.  Montana ABLE Content Standards:  Lesson #1 Math 2.1 Order of Operations

The Montana ABLE Content Standards were unveiled at the Montana ABLE Conference 2009.  During the next few months, CS committee members will be sending sample lessons for the Content Standards.  The lessons will be posted on both the CS Blog and MTLINCS.  The lessons will also be linked to the Montana Content Standards document!!!  Click here Content Standards Links to Lessons  for more information!

2.  Distance Learning Research #1:  Online Learners

Click here to check out the first research tidbit on Distance Learning.

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3. Montana ABLE Logo

Click here to access Montana ABLE logo.

4. ESL:  CAELA Network News Posted

CAELA Network has posted their quarterly electronic newsletter for September 2009, Network News.  It includes the introduction of our newest brief Teaching Pronunciation to Adult English Language Learners  and a preview of an upcoming brief, Managing Programs for Adult English Language Learners.  Several CAELA Network States are spotlighted including Florida, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Virginia.  For easy reference on English language learning and learners, see the  ESL Resource Database and Resources about and for refugee populations at the  COR Center Web site.  

Click here to access the Network News.

5.  NIFL Website Three New Discussion Lists

Starting in October, the following 11 Discussion Lists will launch and be affiliated with these Resource Collections below:

Program Management Resource Collection

  • Adult Literacy Professional Development Discussion List
  • Assessment Discussion List
  • Learning Disabilities Discussion List
  • Transitions to Post Secondary Education Discussion List (NEW)!

Workforce Competitiveness Resource Collection

  • Adult English Language Acquisition Discussion List
  • Technology & Distance Learning Discussion List
  • Workforce Competitiveness Discussion List

Basic Skills Resource Collection

  • Reading & Writing Skills Discussion List (NEW)!
  • Math & Numeracy Discussion List (NEW)!
  • Health Literacy Discussion List
  • Diversity & Literacy Discussion List

Check out the new NIFL website at

6.  Final Special Topics Discussion

Special Topics Colleagues,

Our discussion on adult literacy education leadership begins Friday, September 25th and ends on September 29th, not much time for such a broad and important topic. So lets prepare now.

This discussion has no guest experts, or perhaps another way to look at this, it has hundreds of guest experts.  You are one of them.

Id like you to take some time now, on Friday or at the latest by this weekend , to reflect and write, and Id like you to share your writing.  (Even if you decide not to share it, the reflection and writing may be useful to you, if not to others. )

Reflection Assignment (should you choose to accept it)

We have all seen examples of leadership in our work, in a classroom, program or school, and some of us at state and national levels. We have seen individuals who, with others, have brought about improvements, positive changes, who have made a difference. These may be teachers; counselors; adult learners; program, state or federal administrators; professional developers; curriculum writers; researchers, or others. They may be dramatic, highly visible leaders, or they may be quiet and unassuming , shunning attention, but nevertheless effective in bringing about change.

Think about a time recently, or in the past, a single event or a series of events over time, when you have seen positive change in adult literacy education. Think about the people who brought about the change. What was the change? What kinds of people were involved in making it?  What did the leader(s) do to enable the change? What did they do that you thought was particularly effective?

So we can all benefit from your reflection, please write this down and share it. Although in this discussion we will look at many aspects of leadership, for many participants this reflection may be the most useful part, an opportunity to stop the incessant flow of daily demands and think about how leaders bring about change. I hope you will accept the assignment, and that you will share what you write on the Special Topics Discussion List at .

David J. Rosen

Special Topics Discussion Moderator

7.  Learning Skills Curriculum Resource

The Learning Skills Curriculum is an approach to orientation and the learning process.  It was originally developed as an orientation/introductory class for adult learners just beginning their ABE experience.  The curriculum covers such topics as:

  • Learning styles
  • Personality
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Test Taking Strategies

8.  Where in the World Are You?

Click here ( to find out WHO MTLINCS has captured now?  Recruitment and retention are important to both of these individuals!

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