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1.  Distance Learning Research #1:  Online Learners

This year MTLINCS research will focus on Distance Learning.  You may post your thoughts in two ways:  emailing to MTLINCS or posting on MTLINCS Distance Learning Blog.  See below.

Research #1

Some of the research that was cited in 2008-2009 recommended that "participants in the GED online program at Vance Granville Community College in North Carolina learners must demonstrate a 9th grade level or higher in order to be enrolled in online courses."  However, that does not necessarily mean that all online learners must be at that level

This investigation (Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Independent Online Learning) was undertaken to investigate the threshold levels of literacy and language proficiency necessary for adult learners to use the Internet for independent learning. As the investigation unfolded, it became apparent that the interaction among the learners’ skills, the opportunities they encounter, and the supports available determines those thresholds. Understanding how to balance those elements can create new options and opportunities for learning, instruction, program planning, and content development.

This report is structured around three distinct sections that contribute to the investigation: learning from large-scale surveys, learning from the literature, and learning from the field. Triangulating from the three major data sources affords this report solid footing on which to draw key findings from the guiding research questions.

The search for thresholds revealed that such thresholds did not exist: Learners at even the lowest levels of literacy and language proficiency can engage with online learning content. Moreover, all reports indicate that they are eager to do so and that they benefit in important ways, such as self-confidence, self-directedness, and independence. Adult learners across the literacy and language spectrum show strong motivation to gain computer literacy skills, perceived as key to work advancement.

Silver-Pecuilla, Heidi and Reder, Stephen, "Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Independent Online Learning."  NIFL, October 2009.    < >


Have you taught online any Beginning ABE, Low Intermediate ABE, and High Intermediate ABE students?  What kind of success are you finding with these students?

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2.  Montana ABLE Conference '09 and GED '09 Meeting

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3.  Montana Distance Learning Training and Professional Development for Montana ABLE Programs

October 16, 2009, Lincoln Center, Billings

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4.  Montana ESL Conference Professional Development Tasks

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5.  NIFL Website Redesigned and Server Back Up

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6.  Special Topics Discussion List

The Role of Counseling and Advising in Adult Basic and Secondary Education - interested?  To follow this discussion, go to

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