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1.   Distance Learning Research #13:  Teacher Preparation


Click here to check out the DL Research #13 posting on Teacher Preparation.



·       How important is teacher preparation in distance learning?

·       What do teachers need to know about distance learning in order to be successful distance learning instructors?


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2.   Career Pathways from NIFL


Click here to access Career Pathways information. 


Resources in the Workforce Competitiveness Collection – research-based products and materials, and research papers – can help you expand and improve work-based, basic skills classes offered to adults. Additional workforce education resources, organized by career clusters or occupational categories, can be found in the Career Pathways Instructional Materials Library.


3.   Career Pathways:  Where Adult Basic Education and Workforce Readiness Converge


Click here to read about adult education in the context of Career Pathways. 


4.   ESL:  Teaching Grammar


Click here to access Teaching Grammar to Adult English Language Learners. 


Resources in the Workforce Competitiveness Collection often focus on work-based learning; however, some resources are more general. For example, a recently added resource in the English Language Acquisition (ELA) Collection, Teaching Grammar to Adult English Language Learners, provides an introduction to a research-based rationale for teaching grammar within a meaningful context. Experts who reviewed this resource reported that it gives “an extremely clear explanation of Focus on Form” as a strategy, strategies for integrating form and meaning, and several activities that incorporate explicit and implicit grammar instruction.


5.   NIFL Educational Publications  

As the National Institute for Literacy prepares to close in September 2010, it is making available all remaining hard copies of its scientifically based publications developed for parents, caregivers, and educators. These federally funded resources remain ranked among the top 10 most-requested publications by the U.S. Department of Education.  Visit the publications page at to view the list of publications still available in hard copy. Copies can be ordered (by title) by calling EDPubs at 1(800) 228-8813 (TDD/TTY 1-877-576-7734; e-mailing or faxing 1(703) 605-6794.

·       Learning To Achieve: A Review of the Research Literature on Serving Adults with Learning Disabilities

·       Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Independent Online Learning

·       Using Research and Reason in Education

·       Applying Research in Reading Instruction for Adults: First Steps for Teachers

·       Teaching Adults to Read


6.   ProLiteracy Performance Accountability Online Courses:  Make Data Work for You


Click here to access online courses. 


With support from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, ProLiteracy is offering field-tested strategies that can be adapted to a program's accountability needs. This is a three-part series of self-paced online courses. The courses are described below. You can access these courses here:


Data Collection and Management

This course focuses on the foundation practices in data collection and management needed to ensure the availability of credible, high-quality student data.

Length: 3-4 hours

This course will help you:
*build a common language and approach to accountability
*organize collection and management efforts around key decision points and staff roles
*increase confidence in your program's data collection and management practices

Data Analysis for Program Decision-Making

This course helps administrators and staff learn why and how to institutionalize data-driven, decision-making practices.

Length: 3-4 hours

In this course you will:
*review and practice data analysis skills
*improve quality of decision-making through a team approach to data analysis and review
*streamline program improvement using practical planning tools and strategies

Communicating Success to Stakeholders


This course helps participants use data to highlight their program's success, positioning it as a vital, relevant community service and thus attracting more resources.


Length: 4-5 hours

In this course you will learn how to:
*assess the needs of your community
*develop tailored messages to diverse stakeholders
*deliver those messages in innovative and effective ways

7.   Workplace Essential Skills from NIFL

Click here to access information about essential skills in the workplace. 


A recently added resource in Workforce Education is a guidebook, Business Results Through Essential Skills and Literacy, which addresses the essential skills needed in the workplace to improve or maintain the skills needed to stay competitive. Both businesses and literacy providers can learn from this guidebook that includes assessments, checklists, and templates useful in planning work-based literacy programs. Although this resource focuses on incumbent workers, it also suggests that employers consider competencies that might be needed in the future for workers within their industries or businesses.


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