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Happy Holidays!

Yes, it is that time of year when MTLINCS is looking for five Mondays in every month. =)  Actually, it is that time of year when we all are looking for at least another 12 hours in each day.  With that in mind, MTLINCS is providing you with just a few snippets this week and a review of the review next week.  Donít you just love what you are getting for the holidays?!?!

Time - a gift that everyone can use!


Now itís your turn to use your time wisely!  Share it with those you love!

Happy Holidays!


1 Montana 2009 ESOL Conference:  More Postings 


Click here to check out two more posts by your Montana colleagues, Rebecca Javorksky and Margie Munts.


2.  ESL Resource for Teaching Pre-literate Adult Refugee Students

Literacy NOW ( in Washington State has created Making It Real, which is chocked full of tried and true strategies and techniques for teaching both literacy and speaking skills to preliterate students and itís FREE!!   Click on the link below and it will download as a pdf file.  Iíll try to send a couple of other activities along shortly.   Michael Tate


Making it Real: Teaching Pre-literate Adult Refugee Students 
Alysan Croydon. 2005, 108 p. FREE!

Recently, refugee families have been arriving from Somalia, Liberia, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Thailand to begin their new lives in communities across Washington State. Many of the adults have never had an opportunity to attend school, so they are not literate in their first language. Some have never lived in homes with electricity and plumbing or towns with buses and shopping malls. As a result, they face many challenges during their resettlement process. As they enter beginning level ESL classes, their teachers, too, are finding the task of teaching them challenging.

With funding from the Refugee and Immigrant Assistance Section, the Tacoma Community House Training Project has developed this book containing a wealth of successful strategies and techniques for teaching both beginning literacy and speaking skills. The richly illustrated text includes:

A list of survival competencies for speaking, listening, reading, and writing

A plethora of activities for introducing, practicing, and applying these new skills to the studentsí lives

Strategies for teaching pre-literate refugees in a multi-level ESL class

View and download book


3.  Webcast on 1/20/2010 at 1:00 pm EST- Achieving Student Success:  Transitions to Post-secondary Education


Transitioning students through their educational experience and on to post-secondary education can be a challenging process.


Participate to learn what local programs, in partnership with colleges, are doing to ensure that students are ready to move from adult literacy classes to post-secondary education and beyond. In this Webcast, designed for program administrators, experts will explore successful student transitions as well as discuss current research, state office technical assistance, and adult education program perspectives.




Daniel J. Miller, Acting Director, National Institute for Literacy (Moderator); Jeff Fantine, State Director of Adult Education, Maine; Ellen Hewett, Director, National College Transitions Network at World Education; and Julie Scoskie, Director, Jefferson County Public Schools Adult and Continuing Education, Louisville, Kentucky.


Contact:  Kaye Beall,, or Tim Ponder,, for more information.

Registration information will be available soon. Visit


4.  Transitions in Kentucky:  Public Schools working with Community College

Jefferson County Public Schools Adult Education has partnered with Jefferson Community and Technical College to offer a Concurrent Enrollment/Transition Program since 2003.  The lower-level developmental classes are offered free of charge via the Adult Education Program (funded by the Kentucky Adult Education).  These students are concurrently enrolled in Adult Education and at the community college.  The program has been extremely successful.  We also have a Transition Program for our GED students.  They are offered the GE 100 Introduction to College, one-hour credit class free of charge to assist their transition to postsecondary education, and we have integrated ďcollege boundĒ curriculum into the GED classes.  The materials we have developed are posted on our website. For more information, visit and click on EES.


Julie Scoskie

Director, Community Support Services

Jefferson County Public Schools

Post taken from NIFL Transitions Discussion List


5.  Health Literacy Post

We are excited to share with you the launch of our "health literacy for public health professionals" training program.  You can access the training program at:


We welcome your feedback on the program and also appreciate your help with sharing the information about the training program with others!

Post taken from NIFL Health Literacy Discussion List Julie Gazmararian (<>) - CDC & Emory University Cynthia Baur (<>) - CDC


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