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1 Montana ABLE Content Standards Lesson:  Lesson #7  Math 


Standards MA 6.7

Click here to access CS Sample Lesson 7:  Math 6.7

Solve Problems Using Conversions of Units of Weight, Length, Capacity and Time


All Future Lessons

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2.  Distance Learning Research #6:  Blended Support

Click here to check out Distance Learning research #6 on Language/Literacy Level Summary.  

3.  Student Resource for Online Tutorial for Researching Online

Click here to check out an online tutorial you may want your students to access – nicely done and current!!!

4.  MPAEA Awards

Click here to access information about MPAEA Awards – DUE 2/12/2010.  

5.  ESOL - CAELA Newsletter

The CAELA Net quarterly newsletter, Network News, is completed and posted on the CAELA Network Web site; it can be downloaded at

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 In this issue, there are articles on the following, with links to more information about some of the topics:

1.  A new, downloadable brief from CAELA Network on managing programs for adults learning English, completing the series for program managers. The series includes two other briefs on  observing and providing feedback to teachers, and on supporting and supervising teachers of adults learning English

2.  The annual meeting of the CAELA Network’s advisory board with information on topics for publications from the CAELA Network in 2010.

3.  The work being done in professional development in Iowa for practitioners working with adults learning English

4.  Upcoming conferences of interest to practitioners working with adults learning English

6.  Workforce Investment Act Reauthorization Article

Click here to read an article entitled Workforce Investment Act Reauthorization:  Will the Past be Prologue? 

7.  LINCS Update


Welcome to LINCS Resource Collection News! Each month, we will feature one of the three LINCS Resource Collections—Basic Skills, Program Management, and Workforce Competitiveness—and introduce research-based resources that you can use in your adult and family literacy programs and classrooms. This edition features the Program Management Collection, which covers the topics of Assessment, Learning Disabilities, and Program Improvement.

What’s New in the Program Management Resource Collection?

Increasing emphasis is being placed on providing adult education students with the skills needed to transition to work and post-secondary education. To meet the needs of practitioners, the Program Management Resource Collection is hosting a discussion list on
Transitions to Post-secondary Education. Please join this online professional development opportunity:

One of the challenges in transitioning students is accurate, valid assessment of student readiness. The article Challenges in Assessing for Post-Secondary Readiness examines the major assessments in use today to measure adult learning gains and to determine student placements.

How does the topic of transitions affect students with Learning Disabilities? The resource
Learning Disability: Life after High School may provide some guidance. In this article, the authors provide guidelines and summarize research on the challenges faced by adults with LD when transitioning to post-secondary schooling and employment.

Programs and instructors are looking at program structure and instructional practices to meet the needs of transitional students. Are you looking for a way to evaluate professional development in your program? Take a look at the
Professional Development Coordinator Competencies and Sample Indicators for Adult Educators Project. This publication outlines skills, competencies, and knowledge bases that are critical for professional development coordinators.

How can I learn more about the Program Management Resource Collection?

Visit the
Program Management Collection for additional resources. Contact the Program Management Collection content experts for additional information and to learn more about the resources, technical assistance, and professional development opportunities that are available at no cost. Assessment – Marie Cora,; Learning Disabilities – Aaron Kohring,; Program Improvement – Gail Cope,

What is LINCS?

is a service of the National Institute for Literacy, providing online information and communication networks for adult and family literacy practitioners. LINCS' offerings include Discussion Lists, Regional Resource Centers, the Collections, and training opportunities.  Learn more about LINCS on the Web site

What will I find in the New LINCS Resource Collections?

The three new
LINCS Resource Collections, expanded this year, are comprised of items that have completed a rigorous internal and external review. Use these resources directly in the classroom or to guide development of customized programs and classes. You can find more information about the new Resource Collections on the Institute’s Web site.

8.  Where in the World

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