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Yep, this is the fifth Monday of the month!  And what do we love about five Mondays in a month?  Ah, yes, you all remember that, donít you?  Itís time to take a deep breath and review everything that has been going on.  Donít worry, though.  More new information will soon be coming your way!  In the meantime, take a look below to see what you have been  missing.  Whew!   Montana ABLE folks have been very busy! 


1.   Search


Are you needing to Search for something on MTLINCS?  There is a Search button on the homepage.  Click here to access the Search tool. Donít forget to select the following:  Search - MT LINCS. 


2.   Email Archives

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3.   Montana OPI Initiatives

Check out the STAR on the homepage.  You will find links to all of the state initiatives.

Click here on Montana ABLE to access Montana OPI with links to Shop Talk summaries, Student Highlights, Where in the World, PEP Talk, Montana ABLE Conference 2009 etc.

Distance Learning/Research-based Instruction

The research this year is based on Distance Learning.  Click here to check out the most current research.   Then click here to check out posted discussions about the research.  You may also access it via the Distance Learning link at

Content Standards

The Content Standards team dedicated much time and energy to the creation of the Montana ABLE Content Standards.  Click here to access the Content Standards link where a draft of the Content Standards is posted.


Last spring Montana hosted its first ESOL Conference.  Click here to access the ESL link along with access to the ESOL Conference Strands and postings at .

Leadership Academy

Nine of your Montana ABLE colleagues have been participating along with Idaho in the Leadership Academy facilitated by Lennox McLendon.  Click here to check out some of the resources available to them.

4.   Montana Pilot Project and Reading is the Bridge

Over the past years MTLINCS has provided links to several resources.  Click here to access MTLINCS Pilot Project and Reading is the Bridge resources  .  

5.   Other Items

MTLINCS users can find several other useful links.


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