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Happy Thanksgiving!  Thanks for being a part of MTLINCS! 



1 Montana ABLE Content Standards Lesson:  Lesson #6  Science 


Standards SC 2.6

Click here to access CS Sample Lesson 6:  Science 2.6.


All Future Lessons

Click here to access all lessons posted.


Don't forget!  Lessons will also be linked from the Content Standards.  Linked lessons are highlighted in yellow. 


2.  Distance Learning Research #5:  Blended Support

Click here to check out what your Montana colleagues have to say in response to Distance Learning research.

3.  Content Standards Presentation Posted

Click here to access katya Marandino Irish's content standards presentation from the OPI Conference 2009.

4.  Common Core Information from Shop Talk Posted

Click here to access information presented by Rose Steiner during November Shop Talk.

5.  Transitions Discussion List on NIFL

A new electronic discussion list has started! The name of the new NIFL list is:  The Transitions to Post-secondary Education Discussion List.  The list is moderated by Ellen Hewett from the National College Transition Network (NCTN) at World Education, Inc. The purpose of this list is to provide an on-going professional development forum for practitioners, administrators, researchers, and policy-makers from the Adult Secondary Education (ASE), English Language Acquisition (ELA), post-secondary education, and workforce development fields. This list promotes the sharing of information, research, expertise, and resources to help bridge the gap between what ASE and ELA programs traditionally offer and what most adult learners need to succeed in post-secondary education. Topics such as curriculum and instruction, college readiness, counseling, assessment, program development, career awareness, data collection, and partnerships will be explored.

To join, go to: Don't forget to answer the confirmation email when it comes!

6.  National Adult Literacy and Technology Blog

I have a literacy and technology blog at . I have included In this blog, called Adult Literacy Education, some of my (updated) posts to the NIFL Technology list, and more.  Have a look, and please leave comments if you like. 

David J. Rosen

7.  Where in the World

Click here ( to find out WHO MTLINCS has captured now?  You can definitely COUNT on these two folks!

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