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1.  Distance Learning Research #4:  Blended Approach

Numeracy Study

In 2005 Q. Li and K. A. Edmonds contrasted teacher-led without Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) to teacher-led CAI with adults learning math. Final scores revealed little difference between teacher-led and CAI supplemental scores; both groups gained overall with differential gains based on math unit topic.

However, here is one of the positive outcomes.

Student surveys indicated strong positive response to the technology-enhanced experience, expressing appreciation for the immediate feedback and opportunities to practice their skills in an engaging format, but also indicated that the teacher was vital to provide guidance and scaffolding. 

Silver-Pecuilla, Heidi and Reder, Stephen, "Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Independent Online Learning."  NIFL, October 2009, p.18.


For those of you providing Distance Learning opportunities for students, approximately how much time per week do you spend "working" with the DL student?  What role does the teacher have in DL?   

Any thoughts? 

2.  Montana ABLE Distance Learning Resource

Resources from the October Montana ABLE Distance Learning training by Melinda Lynnes and Shelley Freese have now been posted. 

3.  Montana ABLE Leadership Academy:  Wisdom of the Crowds

Montana LEA members began their second LEA year with Lennox McLendon and Idaho colleagues by participating in a teleconference regarding Strategies for Motivating and Retaining Adult Learners.  Once again participants were reminded of the Wisdom of the Crowds by James Surowiecki.  Many people are smarter than the few. 

Needing change?  According to Smith, 2002 two factors that positively affect teacher change are:

  • Involving teachers in the decision-making process
  • Teachers working together to solve problems - collegiality

Collegiality - a great way to encourage professionalism!

Stay tuned for more tidbits from Montana LEA!

4.  College for Adults Website:  Revised and Redesigned

The  website is designed by the National College Transition Network (NCTN) for independent study or as a supplement for in-class study. It teaches study skills, links to sites with academic online preparation, and guides prospective college students through offices such as Admissions and Student Support.

GED classes and tests by themselves do not prepare adults for college. They do not teach adults how to write term papers, read college texts, understand college terminology, take notes at a lecture, or how to navigate the college environment.  The NCTNís College for Adults website helps to fill these gaps. The site was piloted at three Massachusetts adult ESOL programs and redesigned this year with funding from Verizon Foundation, Massachusetts.

Please address questions and comments to Priyanka Sharma at NCTN via e-mail to

Kaye Beall, Project Director, World Education

5.  Vocabulary Resources

Great discussion and resources on NIFL ReadWrite Discussion List!

Vocabulary website:  A free and useful means for showing relationships among words and derivation of words can be found at this web site and the program is free.  Type in a word, click on the arrow next to the typed word, and a colored keyed relationship web will appear.  Scroll over each of the words and a definition and relationship will come up.

Online Visual Graphical Dictionary:

6.  Writing Resource 

LEA participants learned about a great website for interactive writing prompts.  Check out the WritingFix at 

7.  Where in the World 

Click here ( to find out WHO MTLINCS has captured now?  Collegiality?  "Witch" you were here!

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