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1Distance Learning Research #5:  Support


We in the classroom know that our students need teachers as facilitators.  Although students try several modes of independent learning via technology, they still need guidance and support.  That was confirmed in several research studies.

According Silver-Pecuilla and Reder's, convergence on the following items existed in several of the studies reviewed: 

Online learners and teachers need support -- pure online delivery is not best practice for adult literacy and ESOL learners (AlphaRoute, 2003;Daniels, Gillespie, Stites, & Nelson, 2004; FGRD, 1999; NCVER, 2002; Parke & TracyMumford, 2000; Porter & O'Connor, 2001; Stiles & Porter, 2006).  Support could include:

  • a facilitator for students at least some of the time;
  • student-to-student communication;
  • readily available tech support for both teachers and students; and
  • peer group for teachers of distance courses as teachers learn the new medium.

Silver-Pecuilla, Heidi and Reder, Stephen, "Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Independent Online Learning."  NIFL, October 2009, p.21.


What type of support are both you and your distance learning students needing?  

Any thoughts? 


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3.  Montana ABLE Student Highlights

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4.  Web 2.0 Webinar on 11/18 from 4 to 5 EST:  Can Web 2.0 Save Teacher Professional Development?

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The rise of interactive technology has created exciting new possibilities for teacher professional development, from facilitated online courses to social-learning communities to live multimedia presentations. Many observers now believe that, when used effectively, digital technologies could ultimately break the grip of the one-shot, drive-by workshop in schools and spur the growth of teacher-learning opportunities that are truly collaborative and job-embedded. Yet many questions remain. In this webinar, two experts will address these questions and bring you up to date on the latest ideas and trends in online teacher learning and how you can take advantage of them.

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7.  Reading and E-books

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