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1.  Montana ABLE Content Standards:  Lesson #2 Reading Comprehension and Key Points 

Standards RD 2.2 and RD 2.3

Click here to access CS Sample Lesson 2:  Reading 2.2 and Reading 2.3.

All Future Lessons

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Don't forget!  Lessons will also be linked from the Content Standards.  Linked lessons are highlighted in yellow. 

2.  Distance Learning Research #2 Response:  Online Learners  Part II

Click here to check out what one of your colleagues has to say about the following:  Is using the Internet for course delivery still a novelty for ABLE delivery?  If so, why? 

Any more thoughts about this subject? 

3.  Volunteer Information

Volunteer information provided by Ellen Guettler of Bozeman ABLE now posted.  Thanks, Ellen!  Click here for more information.

4.  Montana ABLE Facts Page Updated

Click here to access Montana ABLE Facts!


Click here for list of MAACE sectionals at MEA-MFT, Billings Skyview, October 15 & 16.

6.  MPAEA Conference and Call for Presenters

Mountain Plains Adult Education Association (MPAEA)
2010 Conference Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center Scottsdale, AZ
April 21-24, 2010

Call for Presenters Deadline:  October 21, 2009

Mining the Treasures in Adult Education, the Mountain Plains Adult Education Association (MPAEA) 2010 Conference and the Arizona Adult Education State Conference, is seeking presentations that will provide opportunities to share strategies, tools, research, and/or outcomes associated with adult teaching and learning. Presentations may be 90 or 180 minutes in length. Sessions are scheduled for Thursday, April 22nd, Friday & Friday evening on April 23rd, and Saturday, April 24th. The Friday evening and Saturday sessions include an adult learner strand.
Click here for additional submission information and to Access a Presentation Application.

7.  Course on Adult Numeracy is pleased to announce a new online course developed by ProLiteracy and World Education, Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy. In this facilitated online course, participants will share experiences and ideas with each other, develop new activities and teaching strategies, and implement their plans in their own classrooms.


For more information and to register:

8.  Where in the World

 Click here ( to find out WHO MTLINCS has captured now?  Volunteerism is alive in Montana!

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