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1.   MTLINCS Survey Results Now Posted

Click here  to peruse the results from the MTLINCS Survey.  Thanks to all who participated in posting to the survey and the MTLINCS Musing!  Please continue to share concerns or observations.


2.   WIA Reauthorization Community Conversations Transcripts and Summaries


Most summaries and transcripts from the WIA Reauthorization Discussions have been posted. Remember - each category had posted questions that were topic specific based upon the discussion group.  So check out the responses to the NIFL Discussion threads in which you are interested. 


       Adult English Language Acquisition Discussion Summary   Moderator Miriam Burt:

       Assessment Discussion Transcript Moderator Marie Cora:

       Diversity and Literacy Discussion Summary Moderator Daphne Greenberg:   

       Learning Disabilities Discussion Transcript Moderator Rochelle Kenyon:   

       ReadWrite Discussion Summary and Transcript Moderator Daphne Greenberg:

       Technology Discussion Moderator Nell Eckersley:  Stay tuned!

       Transitions Discussion Moderator Ellen Hewett:  Stay tuned!

       Workforce Discussion Transcript Moderator Dr. Donna Brian:


3.   Discussion about 60 Hour Rule

Interested in what others are saying about the 60 Hour Rule?  Click here  to read postings from your colleagues throughout the nation regarding the 60 Hour Rule.  You may want to scroll down to message 280 and read up from there for a sequential understanding of what has been written.

4.   Montana ABLE ShopTalk Posted

Click here for Montana ABLE ShopTalk PowerPoint .

Click here for Montana ABLE ShopTalk pdf .

5.   Reading:  Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles (ASRP) Discussions

January 26, 2010
New Developments in both Individual and Large-Scale Adult Literacy Assessments

Guest-discussant: John Sabatini (ETS)
Moderator: Marie Cora
Discussion List: Assessment

To join any or all of the four special discussions, as well as the regular LINCS Discussion Lists, go to:

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