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Greetings from Montana LINCS

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    There is a lot happening this month, and MTLINCS will keep you apprised of all of the events coming your way.  However, two very important items must be addressed first.

    Please join in the Community Conversations, and, of course, please complete the MTLINCS Survey.  See below!!!


1.   WIA Reauthorization Community Conversations Begin 1/11/10

The Obama Administration is preparing for WIA reauthorization and has asked the National Institute for Literacy’s Discussion Lists to engage in a candid and constructive discourse about what the field’s successes and needs are in providing adult education programs and services.

Click here for specific information on how to participate! 


2.   MTLINCS Survey

Click here to access a brief, nine-question online survey regarding MTLINCS services.  The survey will remain open until Friday, January 22.  All responses are private.  IP addresses are not tracked. 


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