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1.  MTLINCS Research Item #5:  Low Parent Education - Response

With the economic problems that our country is experiencing, is your program encountering an influx of individuals who are lacking "the education and skills necessary to earn family-sustaining wages"?

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2.  MPAEA Conference 2009 and Awards

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3.  ESL Resource - Article about Music and Second Language Acquisition

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4.  ESL Resource - CAELA "Network News"

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5.  ABE Disabilities Web Resource

Minnesota has launched its adult basic education disabilities Web site offering resources available 24 hours daily, seven days a week, for ABE instructors and programs that serve clients with disabilities. The Web site contains information frequently requested by Minnesota’s adult education instructors and is accessible by users with disabilities. The material helps equip ABE managers, teachers, volunteers and tutors to provide learning experiences and basic skills that improve the lives of students with disabilities.  

6.  Discussion on Assessment List:  Using Your Data to Improve Your Program Services


Please join the Assessment List for a discussion on Using Your Data to Improve Your Program Services from December 8 – 12, 2008.

To subscribe to the Assessment Discussion List, go to:

The full announcement for this discussion can be found at:

The discussion panelists would like to receive any questions or comments you may have prior to the opening of the discussion next Monday.  Please send your questions/comments to the Assessment List or to me at  I will compile your contributions and forward them to the panelists so that they can respond in advance.

Note that there are a number of resources to review and use before the discussion begins. 

There is one resource – a case study – that is in draft now and will be posted for your viewing later this week.

Thanks everyone for your interest. I’m looking forward to receiving your questions/comments and looking forward to the discussion as well.

Marie Cora, Moderator, Assessment Discussion List , National Institute for Literacy  


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