What?  The links aren't working?  Again, you say?  Just what kind of cruel holiday joke is this anyway?
Doesn't MTLINCS know that its readers do not have time for that kind of thing during this time of year? 
Well, the links were checked - not once but twice,
To see which were naughty and which were nice,
They all seemed to be working very late at night
Until daylight broke - users emailed with might.
We can't see this; we want to read that,
Broken promises and links - not again - oh drat!
It must be the economy; the hired help is the reason,
Maybe it's not that; maybe it's just the season!
So once again, corrections are made,
Apologies are given, tension unfrayed,
And now you hear, MTLINCS yell with might
Happy Holidays, dear friends, and to all a good night! 
Montana Broken LINCS Update
Greetings from Montana LINCS

1.  MTLINCS Research Item #5:  Low Parent Education - Another Response

Celeste Barnett of Learning partners in Livingston has shared a very interesting article, The 2008 Job Gap:  Tough Times for Northwest Families.

Click here to access the article.  Let your Montana colleagues know what you think! 

2.  Request for Materials Meshing Keyboarding with Writing

One of your Montana colleagues has a need.  Click here for more information. 

Who can help her out?  Click here to send your ideas to MTLINCS. 

Flash!  A recommendation has already been posted - even with broken links!

3.  Montana ESL

Interested in viewing the results from the ESL survey completed by Montana ABLE staff?  Click here!

4.  Montana ABLE Student Highlights

Since Montana always has student success stories that are shared at the local level, MTLINCS now has a page devoted to these stories.  Share your students' successes with MTLINCS.  Click here to see the most recent stories!

Click here for Student Highlights( http://www.nwlincs.org/mtlincs/opi/student_highlights.htm )

5.  Where in the World Are You?

Click here (http://www.nwlincs.org/mtlincs/opi/opiableww.htm) to find out WHO MT LINCS has captured now?  Her initials for JLB, and you can find her in eastern Montana. 

6.  MTLINCS Book Club

Looking for a good book to read?  Even one of your colleagues from North Dakota has submitted a recommendation for students.  Click here to see the MT LINCS Book Club.   http://www.nwlincs.org/mtlincs/opi/bookclub.htm  Send in your suggestions to MT LINCS!

7.  Distance Learning

Since MTLINCS is sending out a corrected update, you may also want to take a look at the Distance Learning update.  Click here!

P.S.  Remember -- if you are having trouble with the links in this email, go to the Email Archives at the top of the MTLINCS homepage at http://www.nwlincs.org/mtlincs/index.htm.  Also if you no longer wish to receive this mailing, please let MTLINCS know!  Thanks!


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Adult Education Center
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