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1.  MTLINCS Research Item #3

Our Treacherous Path

Americans should have been stunned when the National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL), released in 2005, revealed that a staggering 30 million American adults scored at "below basic" - meaning they could perform no more than the most rudimentary literacy tasks.  Another 63 million adults could perform only simple, basic everyday literacy activities.

The NAAL findings are ominous because most good jobs require at least some education beyond high school.  The NAAL found that of the approximately 222 million adults aged 16 or older living in households or prisons in the United States, some 93 million lack literacy at a level needed to enroll in the postsecondary education or job training that current and future jobs require.

Reach Higher, America:  Overcoming Crisis in the U.S. Workforce, Report of the National Commission on Adult Literacy, June 2008. National Commission on Adult Literacy,, p. 2. 


Whoa!  Is this the conclusion you all draw from the information above?

Approximately 42% of America's adults aged 16 or older LACK literacy skills in order to get a good job.   

Does that figure bother any of you?  What do you think?  Please tell MTLINCS to take a math class!

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2.  Reach Higher, Montana Conference

The "Reach Higher Montana" conference is an incredible opportunity to learn more about the issues presented in the "Reach Higher America" report that was released by the National Commission on Adult Literacy this summer.  The goal of the conference is to bring some of the best minds in our region together to help sort out the issues and identify where we as a state might focus to make a positive impact. Together we can make a difference in bridging the adult learning gap.

Margaret Bowles, Montana Adult Education Director 

November 12 & 13

MSU-Billings College of Technology Campus

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For those of you who attended the ABE/GED Conference, this is the report that Gary Eyre referenced throughout his talk.  Also the three snippets of research that have been posted during the last month have been taken from the Reach Higher, America: Overcoming Crisis in the U.S. Workforce report.  Click here for the report:

3.  Distance Learning Application - Questions?

Do you have any questions for Montana's Distance Learning participants about the Distance Learning Application?  If so, click here to have them posted on MTLINCS so that the Pilot Team can provide an answer.

4.  Where in the World Are You?

Click here ( to find out WHO MT LINCS has captured now?  Their initials both begin with S.  Keep watching!  You may be next!

5.  Special Topics Discussion Begins November 17

New Designs in Online and Distance Learning is a National Institute for Literacy Special Topics discussion that will be held from November 17th through November 21st, 2008. It will focus on two new adult education models: a national learning portal for English language learning at a distance, called USA Learns, and a web-based and telephone-based learning support system, called the Learner Web, for ABE, ASE and ELL students enrolled in classes to supplement their learning, as well as for those who study on their own. We have four distinguished guests, researchers as well as product developers, who wlll describe these two models and answer questions.

For USA Learns, our guests are John Fleischman and Dr. Jerome (Jere) Johnston. For the Learner Web our guests are Dr. Stephen Reder and Dr. Clare Strawn. You will find more information about them below.

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David J. Rosen

Special Topics Discussion Moderator


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