Montana LINCS Update
Greetings from MTLINCS


Time to Take a Deep Breath


Do you feel as if you are going in multiple directions?  Is your mind trying to wrap around new concepts or old concepts just presented in a new way?


If so, then you must be moving forward!  You must have just participated in a content standards dialogue, distance learning project, esl survey, leadership academy training, research-based instruction dialogue, or MAACE at MEA-MFT sectionals.


What?  You havenít had a chance to do any of that and yet you are still feeling overwhelmed?  Hmmm Ö maybe you just have bought a new cell phone or computer; maybe your children or grandchildren have just entered middle school; maybe you have just realized what 401K means.  Or maybe you are just new to Montana ABLE and are still looking for that handbook, curriculum, or magic wand.


Welcome to our world!  You have actually entered at a great time, for even though ABLE has been a culture unto itself, it is now becoming a community.  There is wisdom we need to share with one another whether we are old, new, red, or blue.  Yep, there is even a book called Wisdom of Crowds!  Although it is on MTLINCS to-read list, MTLINCS may have the plot figured out. =)  We really do have to work together to move forward. 


With that in mind, MTLINCS must thank everyone who has stepped up to the plate lately and sent in postings.  Surely, there are postings that contradict one another.  Some feel one way; others feel another.  Dialogue is vital if we are to advance.  MTLINCS needs to be a supportive and collaborative environment.  Thank you in advance for being professional in your approach!


Because so much professional development has occurred within the past week, it would be ridiculous to move on to yet another research item without taking a couple of weeks to digest what we all have learned.  Here's your chance - Sheri, Kathy, Deb, Joani, Mike, Cathy, Renee, Byrdeen, Maggie, Suzette, Debra, Ellen, Rose, Steve, Kathie, Margaret, Dixie, Ann, Cassie, Jesse, Margaret, Liz, Henry (geesh, running out of breath here), and many, many more of you.  Take a moment and send in one thing - one line even - about something you just learned/heard/discussed during your recent professional development activity!!!  Thanks for sharing!


1.  Distance Learning Application Online

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2.  Leadership Academy Participants

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3.  Where in the World Are You?

Click here ( ) to find out WHO MT LINCS has captured now?  Keep watching!  You may be next!

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