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Montana LINCS Update
Greetings from Montana LINCS


MT LINCS:  New and Improved

Have you had a chance to look at MT LINCS yet?  Yes, it has been reorganized, but the important items are still there.  There is still coffee in the virtual staff lounge; it is just that hydration is vital for existence, and water coolers have now been added!  In case you have not had a chance to discover the new MT LINCS or perhaps you learn better by reading than doing, here is the BIG PICTURE.  Explore MT LINCS at or read on!


When you click on MONTANA ABLE in the center of the star, you will access links to OPI workshops with available PowerPoints from the workshops.  The Updates link will also provide you with discussions that are taking place in all of the Points of the Star.


The star has been designed to give you a glance at Montana ABLE's foci: 

  • Content Standards
  • Distance Learning
  • ESL
  • Leadership Academy
  • Research-based Instruction 

In this manner, you may follow your own area of interest.  It is the assignment of each area to communicate upcoming events, dialogue, etc. to MT LINCS in order to keep the field apprised of issues for that area.


The design of Content Standards, Distance Learning, ESL, and the Leadership Academy are all similar.  You can find the purpose, participant list, resources, schedule, and updates on all of the pages.  The Updates link will provide you with discussions specific to that area.


The Research-based Instruction page is somewhat different.  Every other week MT LINCS will post a snippet of research on this page along with a question to which you may wish to respond.  The Updates link will provide you with discussions specific to the research.  (Check it out!  There is already a response that you will find interesting.  What is your response?)


What?  You are having trouble with links in the MT LINCS email?!?!  Your MT LINCS emails are going to spam?!?!  =)  Have no fear!  MT LINCS still wants you!  All emails will be posted in the Email Archives at  A link has been posted at the top and bottom of MT LINCS.


MT LINCS is your site.  You are encouraged to send in responses to questions and discussions.  Your name does *not* have to be published with your response - just let MT LINCS know.  What is said in the lounge can stay in the lounge!


Coming soon at a website near you - Where in the World Are You?
P.S.  Remember -- if you are having trouble with the links in this email, go to the Email Archives at the top of the MT LINCS homepage at .  Also if you no longer wish to receive this mailing, please let me know!  Thanks!
Norene Peterson
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