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1.  ABE Reading Longitudinal Study:  Tracking Adult Literacy and Numeracy Skills

One of the first longitudinal studies on the association between reading instruction and reading skill development in Adult Basic Education programs was conducted by Abt Associates, Inc. during 1996-2003. The purpose of the Study of Reading Instruction for Low-Level Learners in Adult Basic Education Programs disclaimer ) was to investigate how much low level adults who participate in adult basic education programs improve their reading skills; what characteristics of low-level adult learners affect the amount of improvement they make in their reading skills; and how the instructional and operational characteristics of adult basic education programs related to the amount of low-level learners' improvement in their reading skills.

2.  National Standards Discussion

Some interesting exchange occurred on the AAACE-NLA Discussion List regarding National Standards.  Click here ) to see the question posed by David Rosen and click here  ) to see what MA Associate Commissioner of Education Bob Bickerton had to say.  Archives are located at

3.  Listening Skills

Recently on NIFL's Learning Disabilities discussion list, participant Hugo Kerr at shared his listening skill concept and list of words.  It is now posted on MTLINCS in the Reading Resources under Worksheets/Listening Skills at Skills.


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