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1.  Montana ESL Conference Follow-up:  A Message from Margaret Bowles

It is a thrill to see our ESOL Conference page on LINCS. Not only did you participate in the first annual ESOL conference, but you are also going to be exemplifying job-embedded professional development. Conferences are intended to impact instructional practice. Through posting your follow-up homework and participating in the discussion on ESL instruction, you will be demonstrating for all adult educators that conference participation is the beginning of rich dialogue and reflection on an existing instructional practice.
I would like to remind you of the action steps that are to follow the conference:
  • Directors and instructors discuss the follow-up task that the instructor would like to pursue,
  • Instructors will complete the follow-up task they are most interested in,
  • Send completed task to Norene for posting on LINCS  no later than October 31, 2009,
  • Read postings from other participants, and
  • Use the discussion thread on this page to post Reponses to assignments and share new ideas on ESOL instruction.
Everyone that was signed up for the conference is included in this e-mail, as I don't want anyone to be left out of this conversation.
Kudos to everyone so committed to serving our ESOL population,


Remember!  Here they are!  Just what you have been waiting for - the materials, handouts, and professional development tasks from the Montana ESOL Conference!  Click here ) to access the Montana Adult Education ESOL Conference 2009 website. 

Wanting to take a look at some Web2.0 technology?  Check the recommendations below that were suggested on the Professional Development Discussion List.

2.  Teaching Online:  Check out the Association for Adult Literacy Professional Developers (AALPD) Resources

The AALPD is developing a portal for our Website that will link to online tools for building Professional Development Communities of Practice. This portal will provide AALPD members with access to resources such as wikis, discussion boards, file sharing websites, Web and phone conferencing tools and social networking sites. This is an effort from the AALPD to provide members with tools they can begin using now to collaborate on professional development issues important to them, without having to spend hours searching for the right resource.

Click here ) to access AALPD website and take a look at the left-hand side under Recent Activity.  Some great resources have been posted.

3.  Design Elements for Training Adult Educators to Teach Online

Click here ( ) to check out the Adult Literacy Education Wiki. 

4.  Media Library of Teaching Skills (MLoTS)

Click here ( ) to check out the MLoTS videos.  These videos include classroom or tutorial videos on: reading/basic literacy, writing, numeracy, adult  secondary ed, ESOL/ESL, family literacy, and integrating technology in the classroom. The videos range from 3 minutes to 9 minutes. Some are stand-alone; some are part of a series.

5.  Adult Ed Blogs

Some of my  favorites (from the ALE Wiki page on new technologies, , focus on technology for adult ed teachers:
      * Adult Ed Matters Martha Rankin

      * Adult Education and Technology Marian Thacher
      * Adult Literacy and Technology Jeff Carter
      * Alpha Plus Blog (Canada)
      * LiteracySource

David Rosen

6.  GEDionline's Bookmarks

Click here  ( ) check out Delicious bookmarks for GEDionline.  

7.  GEDi Online Videos

Click here ( ) to access a playlist for every content area on the GED exam. On a regular basis, the vlog will feature instructional ideas.

8.  Academia 2.0

So where is ABLE at in relationship to Academia 2.0?  Click here ) to access this video?  


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