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1.  Where in the World Are You?

Click here ( to find out WHO MTLINCS has captured now?  During these difficult times, remember why we do what we do.  Find out one of the reasons we exist.  

2.  Student Highlights:  Another Reason for ABLE

Check out the newest student success story and graduation information from Billings Adult Education.  Don't forget to share your student success stories with MTLINCS.  Click here for Student Highlights. ( )

3.  Response #1 to MTLINCS Research #15: Promoting Success of Multilevel ESL Classes

Click here ( ) to see what one of your Montana ABLE colleagues has to say about the opportunities and challenges in teaching a multilevel ESL class. 

Any other thoughts out there about teaching multilevel esl classes?   If so, click here to email MTLINCS.

4.  BUDGET INFORMATION about Montana ABLE!!!

 Click below to findupdated budget information.

5.  MAACE Minutes

Click here ( ) to access MAACE minutes from winter board meeting.

6.  MAACE at MEA-MFT Scholarship Application

MAACE is offering four $125 scholarships to applicants looking to attend the MEA/MFT/MAACE Co-conference in Billings this October!  Click here ( ) for the application.  Deadline is June 1!

7.  Critical Services Survey:  What do you value about the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL) services?

Have you completed NCL's NIFL Services Survey yet?  Go to the following: 

NCL’s NIFL Services Survey at

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Share your thoughts about the work that the Institute has done, how important it has been to you and your program, and how you would prioritize similar activities in the future.

Please complete the survey by Wednesday, May 27. We will publish the results on Friday May 29, 2009.

8.  Technology Discussion

Beginning June 1: 2-Part Technology and Professional Development Discussion

Issue: The Workforce Investment Act is up for reauthorization and some recommendations include expanding the use of technology in teaching and learning and in professional development. But what are the language and literacy skills required for adults’ independent online learning? How can technologies both assist instruction and also open access to information for adult learners? What knowledge and skills do teachers say they need in order to use these technologies? How can professional development help?

Part I: Online Learning and the Adult User:

New Findings and Applications

Guests:         Heidi Silver-Pacuilla

Where:  Technology Discussion List

When:   June 1 –5, 2009

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(Web version of Part I discussion announcement: )


The new Institute report, Investigating the Language and Literacy Skills Required for Independent Online Learning, was undertaken to investigate the threshold levels of literacy and language proficiency necessary for adult learners to use the Internet for independent learning.  The report investigates the interaction among learners’ skills, opportunities and the supports available. It also discusses what students already know about existing and emerging technologies and identifies whether and how these technologies fit into the adult education classroom. Join us to discuss the report findings and what instructors need to do in order to support students in learning online.

Part II: Using Existing and Emerging Technologies in

Professional Development

Guest(s):       TBA

Where:  Professional Development List

When:   July 2009, exact dates TBA

To participate in Part II of the discussion, subscribe (free!):

Explore how professional development can help teachers increase comfort and competence with the technology that students can and do use to learn online. You will have the option to work in small groups to experiment with technologies of your choice, share and report back to the large group (PD List) what you learned and what next steps are for professional development.

Stay tuned for further information and announcements regarding Part II:


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