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1.  Response #1 to MTLINCS Research Item #12:  Using Authentic Materials

Click here to check out what one of your Montana colleagues has to say about using authentic materials in the classroom! 

One comment is that time is a factor in using authentic materials.  Is that what others of you have discovered?  If you have any other comments or suggestions, click here to email them to MTLINCS

2.  MAACE at MEA Conference - Let's Reconnect :  Call for Presenters Deadline May 8 

Click here ( for more information about the MAACE Conference.   

3.  Best Places for Students To Write Resumes  

When I originally wrote The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs and Careers, there were quite a few free resume-writing sites out there that had a lot of scaffolding to help people write resumes, but only one gave you the option to print it out so it looked nice on paper.

Apparently, over the past year most of these sites figured out that in order to get a job, most people were going to need a hard copy of their resume and not just a virtual one online.

Click here .

Larry Ferlazzo, Sacramento

4.  Health Literacy

The NAAL Issue Brief entitled, “America's Health Literacy: Why We Need Accessible Health Information” is now online at This brief summarizes key findings and presents some policy implications of the first ever National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL).

5.  NetNews:  GED Learners and Reading and Assessing Adults with Learning Difficulties

If you haven't checked out Minnesota's NetNews, an online newsletter devoted to adult literacy, then go to  It is well worth your time.  Two postings you may find interesting are the following:

6.  Guidance on Stimulus Dollars

U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration’s (ETA) release of Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 14-08 on Recovery Act funding and 2009 State Planning Requirements - click here  (

7.  Advocacy Webinar:  NIFL and American Library Association Webcast - Archived soon

This webcast will soon be archived at 

8.  Where in the World Are You?

Click here ( to find out WHO MTLINCS has captured now?  This colleague would look at the data before he/she counted his/her chickens before they hatched!


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