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1.  Responses to MTLINCS Research Item #10:  Reading and the College Student

Response #1:  Strategy Recommendations from Montana Colleague

Did you get a chance to look at the article, "Decoding and Fluency Problems of Poor College Readers", at ?

One of your Montana colleagues has some strategies to suggest.  Click here  and go to  Response #1 to see what one of your colleagues has suggested. 

Click here to email MTLINCS if you have any more suggestions or thoughts.

Response #2:  Three Cups of Tea - Online E-book Available

Looking for an e-book that promotes reading fluency?  Check out the online version of Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. 

This multimedia e-book is designed to promote the development of reading fluency and English language learning.
The e-book can be adjusted so that the user can follow along with the computer voiceover, or can read aloud along with the voiceover.

Click here  to access the e-book.

Response #3:  More Reading Strategies

Also some of you may not have been here last year when the focus of MTLINCS was a follow-up to the Reading is the Bridge workshop that was sponsored by OPI ABLE.  Click here and go to Response #3 for more information and more reading strategy ideas. 

2.  Math Question:  Are fractions outdated?  Please help!

One of your Montana colleagues needs some suggestions for websites on fractions.  Click here and go to  Math:  Are fractions outdated? 

Come on, Montana, help out one of your colleagues with some ideas!  Click here to email a response.  All ideas will be posted.   

3.  ProLiteracy Professional Development Courses

Creating Engaging ESOL Activities Using Computers II (12-hour course)

March 23-April 27, 2009; Webinar Friday, April 24, 2-3 p.m. (EST)

Experiment with other adult education and literacy practitioners to develop, test, evaluate, and revise instructional activities using technology in the ESOL classroom. You'll explore research on ARCS, adult multiple intelligences, and best practices for integrating computers into your instruction.

Young Adult Education: Program Design
(10-hour course)

April 6-May 4, 2009; Webinar Friday, May 1, 2-3 p.m. (EST)

Explore the research, professional wisdom, and best practices for serving out-of-school youth in your adult literacy program. You'll consider how high quality programs adapt to incorporate a younger population, and you will identify actions you can take in order to bring these strategies home.

Get the full menu of self-paced and facilitated online courses, course descriptions, and registration details at


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