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1.  Response to MTLINCS Research Item #8:  Multiple Intelligences

It is not easy to implement a variety of teaching strategies when going multiple directions.  Click here to check out what one of your colleagues has to say.  What ideas do you have to teach multi-level classes?

Click here to mail a response to MTLINCS.

2.  Montana Distance Learning - Tools Posted on MTLINCS

Tools from the Montana Distance Learning Protocol Guide have now been posted on MTLINCS.  Most of the items have been posted in Word 97-2003 so that you may download them and adjust for your own program.  Click here to access those tools. 

3.  GED Math CD

Coming soon to an ABLE program near you!  Stay tuned for more information on MTLINCS!

4.  Discussion about Strategies for Addressing Transitions in Adult Basic Education

Some very interesting discussion has been taking place on the Assessment Discussion list about Strategies for Addressing Transitions in Adult Basic Education.  Check it out at 

5.  Where in the World Are You?

Click here ( to find out WHO MT LINCS has captured now?  Questions about Montana's Distance Learning Project?  These two individuals can help you out! 


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