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1.  MTLINCS Research Item #6:  Distance Learning

Beginning in January 2009, several Montana ABLE programs will be added to OPI's Distance Learning Project as a way to provide another educational delivery method for students. 

The Reach Higher, America report states the following:

Technology should be used in all its forms to make learning a continuous process of inquiry and improvement that keeps pace with the speed of change in business and society. It can be used to create new models for teaching and learning, provide greater access and knowledge resources to adult students in real time, help working adults with childcare and transportation issues improve their education, provide training to instructors, improve program management and data collection, allow students to work and learn in virtual teams with video conferencing and collaboration software, and much more. It can put the highest quality teachers in the world at everyone’s doorstep.

Reach Higher, America:  Overcoming Crisis in the U.S. Workforce, Report of the National Commission on Adult Literacy, June 2008. National Commission on Adult Literacy,, p.24.


    • How is your program using technology to enhance students' learning? 
    • What challenges do you see with distance learning?

2.  Request for Materials Meshing Keyboarding with Writing

One of your Montana colleagues has a recommendation for a resource for the above.  Click here for more information. 

Any more ideas?  Click here to send your ideas to MTLINCS. 

3.  MTLINCS Statistics

Check out the current statistics for MTLINCS.  There has been an average of 190 visits per day just to the MTLINCS homepage.  Click here for more information.

4.  Economic Stimulus Proposal

The Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) were asked to prepare and submit the economic recovery proposal.  The role of ABLE is still unknown.  OPI will keep program directors apprised of any developments.  Click here to view the proposal.

5Upcoming Discussion from 1/12 to 1/16:  Managing Programs for Adult English Language Learners

I'm happy to announce that there will be a focused discussion on this list during the week of January 12 -16, 2009.


The topic to be discussed will be issues in managing programs for adult English language learners.


Three current or recent managers - all former adult ESL teachers - will address successes and challenges in moving from the classroom to the manager's office. MaryAnn Florez of Washington, DC; Donna Kinerney of Montgomery County, Maryland; and Brigitte Marshall of Oakland, California, will be guest facilitators. They will describe their path from teaching to managing programs and will answer questions from participants on skills, experience, and training needed for those managing programs serving adult English language learners.


For more information, see thefull announcement at


If you have colleagues who may be interested in joining the list for this discussion, please forward this to them and invite them to join!


Stay tuned in the next few days for information about another upcoming discussion - this one in late January -  on issues in working with adult English language learners with limited literacy in the native language.



Miriam Burt

Moderator, Adult English Language Learners discussion list

6.  MAACE website

The MAACE website has been modified.  Click here to access the new website at

7.  Where in the World Are You?

Click here ( to find out WHO MT LINCS has captured now?  Her initials are LG, and you can find her in central Montana.  Some people think she is related to MABLE! 

8.  MTLINCS Book Club

Did you read any good books during the holidays?  Share!  Click here to see the MT LINCS Book Club.  Send in your suggestions to MT LINCS!


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