Montana LINCS Update
Happy New Year


The last thing you had heard from MTLINCS was " ... and to all a good night."

Well, MTLINCS is wide awake and "raring to go" - ready for a brand new year - 2009!

However, as MTLINCS was considering some New Year's resolutions, one major thought occurred:  

Why would one make resolutions when there are so many Unresolved Issues from 2008?

Here are just a few:


Issue #1:    Why does MTLINCS now shop for Tylenol PM instead of NoDoze?  (Could it be ... ?)

Issue #2:    Why does it feel sooooooooo good to sit in a recliner and watch a movie rather than going to the theater?  (Could it be the Tylenol PM?)

Issue #3:    Why does chocolate fit better in one's hands than broccoli?  (Could it be that thinking "green" is not as important as liking things that melt better in your mouth?)

Issue #4:    Why is it still so hard to exercise on the elliptical?  (Could it be the chocolate instead of the broccoli?)

And finally

Issue #5:    Why is it that so many people are looking at MTLINCS but still not sharing their ideas?  (Could it be that there is just not enough time in the day to do everything, that everyone is doing everything they possibly can to keep their heads above water [yes, how long can you tread water?], or that  there are some new folks out there in ABLE-Land who may just be looking for some resources?)

So with all of those Unresolved Issues, MTLINCS has decided to wave its magic wand and remind you about some of the good things that you all have done in the past.  (Can't you just visualize the wand-waving, MTLINCS fairy, dressed in a long, white taffeta gown, flitting from one ABLE friend to another and whispering, "Look what good things you have done!  You can do more!"  What?  You can't?  Oh, come on now!)  =)

Two of the best MTLINCS projects have been the MTLINCS Pilot Project and Reading is the Bridge (RIB).  Why?  They were great, and still are, because they were done collaboratively.  ABLE colleagues from throughout Montana shared some terrific resources with each other.  After looking at the most current stats, MTLINCS has placed links to those two resources back on the MTLINCS homepage at You will find them on the left-hand side under the Research-based Instruction link. 

Take a look!  If you have some other resources that you would like posted, please click here and send them to MTLINCS.    

Don't worry, though!  MTLINCS is still here to provide you with snippets of research.  You'll see some next week.  However, maybe some of  you have some research you would like posted.  Again please click here and send it to MTLINCS.  

We may be going through some tough times, but we can make it if we work together.  May you all have a healthful new year, one filled with smiles, laughter, and hugs!  (And now you can hear the orchestra in the background playing With a Little Help from My Friends.  Oh, come on now; loosen up!  After all, 2009 is the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock!  If that doesn't work, start humming All You Need is Love!  Groovy!)   

All you need is MTLINCS (all together now)
All you need is MTLINCS (everybody)
All you need is MTLINCS, MTLINCS,

MTLINCS is all you need!

Happy New Year


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4.  Montana ABLE Student Highlights - Do you have any you want posted?

Since Montana always has student success stories that are shared at the local level, MTLINCS now has a page devoted to these stories.  Share your students' successes with MTLINCS.  Click here to see the most recent stories!

Click here for Student Highlights.  


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