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Websites gathered and cataloged

by Reggie Windham

Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center

Missoula, MT


Reggie's Adult Literacy Sites


Montana has been privileged to have Reggie Windham as one of its premiere adult educators.  However, Reggie is now moving on to greener pastures.  Fortunately, we have been the recipients of some of her fine work.  Take a look at the following websites that Reggie has so graciously shared with us.  You and your students will love them!  But first a message from Reggie:


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share my little educational
icons with adult educators at LINCS.  I can't take all the credit for
finding the great websites, though.  I found most of them through the
Georgia Learning Connections website (on the Teacher Resources icon) and
through reading NIFL listserve messages.  I developed these icons so
that students would have immediate access to great websites without
having to type in URLs or wandering around websites to find where they
need to go. 

The links can be used as supplements to class instruction or be
integrated into classroom lessons.  "Cat's Study Skills Websites" is
used in a teacher's Study Skills class, and she sends students to
computers to easily access the websites she wants them to look at.  Our
math teacher often sends students to a favorite website where they can
find lots of math practice.  Some students enter our adult basic
education program with holes in their knowledge foundation; most of the
websites I've found have interesting, interactive touches that help
students fill in those gaps. 

Students who have internet access at home are delighted to bring these
icons home to their computers.  I show them how to drag the icons from
their email or from a floppy to their computer desktops.

Teachers can make their own icons by copying and pasting URLs to a word
processor like Word, and write a short description of the website.
Select all of the text and copy/paste to the Web Page maker in Office.
Format the background color, and you have an educational icon!  It's

I've sent you all of the icons…They are all works in progress, made
with love. Please encourage teachers to modify them for their centers.

 Reggie's Sites


Career Websites

Cat's Study Skills Websites

Charts and Graphs Websites

ESOL Websites

Evaluating Resources on the Internet

Geography Websites

History Websites

Levers & Fulcrums

Math Websites

Probability Lessons

Reading Websites

Science Websites

Social Studies Websites

Study & Test-Taking Strategies

Teacher Resources

Tech History & Computer Lit

Writing Websites