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Story Archives from CNN with Interactive Exercises and Sound Clips (Sound clips read the full story; reader can read along.  The abridged version is like listening to the radio.)  (4-5th grade reading level)


Build Your Vocabulary with These Suggestions


The Case of Grandpa’s Painting (Use your detective skills to solve a mystery – Click on BEGIN and wait for graphics to appear) (1st – 3rd grade level reading)


An Online Dictionary for Beginning Readers (Click on a letter in the alphabet.  A picture, sentence, and more information about each word are available!  Ignore the Little Explorers title!!  Adults will enjoy this, too, along with their children!)


California Distance Learning Project  (timely articles of concern to families) 2nd – 3rd grade reading level)


E-Square (written by adult learners for adult learners) (Click on the store you would like to visit) (6th grade level)


The Key (Easy to read news articles) (6th – 10th grade reading level)


Online Reading Skills, including speed reading, cloze exercises (8th grade)


Contemporary Essays  (12th grade plus)