PowerPath Mini-grant


During the spring, about two dozen people came together in Billings to learn about PowerPath and the accommodations that it recommends.  After a brief explanation of the PowerPath diagnostic testing procedure by Char Hurd and Kathy Jackson, Billings Adult Education Center, and a short summary of learning disabilities by Cathy Downey, School District #2 Program Specialist, participants broke up into small groups and went over the different lists of accommodations that PowerPath recommends. 


PowerPath breaks its accommodations into 6 specific categories:

        attention difficulties (AD)

        auditory-hearing (AH)

        auditory processing (AP)

        reading and decoding (RD)

        scotopic sensitivity (SS)

        vision processing (VP)

        vision-seeing (VS)


(Click on the above categories to download handouts.  Handouts require Acrobat Reader for viewing.)


Each group tackled a different set of accommodations.  The goal was for people in the groups to share what they are doing in their classrooms or learning situations.  The participantsí suggestions were then correlated to the recommended PowerPath accommodation (highlighted in yellow).  This allowed for the people in the field not only to have a list of PowerPath accommodations but also to gain ideas on how to implement them.  Finally and most important, it encouraged participants to exchange ideas and teaching strategies as they begin implementing PowerPath accommodations.