Good Luck, Nancy!

Was it because the drought had gone on long enough in Eastern Montana that long-time Montana Adult Educator, Nancy Reynolds, left Miles City Community College to look for greener pastures

Montana's loss is Wyoming's gain.  Nancy, one who is always eager for adventure, has taken on the challenge of Northwest College’s Trio Director.  This is the first year of the program, but Nancy will, of course, bring lots of enthusiasm and experience to Powell.  We Montanans will miss her endless energy and smiling face at our conferences.  But we won’t say good-bye, Nancy.  We’ll let you cross the border and attend those conferences without having to pay any sales tax!

Wish Nancy good luck in her new job by emailing her at  (Yes, they did leave the “s” off Reynolds.  Hmmmm…maybe life in Wyoming is less complicated so one’s name doesn’t have to be as long!)

We already miss you, Nancy!!!

Click here for one more quick peek at Nancy Reynolds!