************MAACE Logo Contest*************


MAACE is sponsoring a logo contest.  This contest is open to participants in the Adult Education, Community Education, and Family Literacy programs.  The new logo should be black and white and easily reproducible; it should reflect the MAACE vision statement.  (See below.)  MAACE members will view and vote on the logo during the fall conference.  Money Awards will go out to the following winners:

        first - $100.00)

        second - $50.00)

        third - $25.00)


Send or e-mail logos or questions about the logo contest to:


Kathy Jackson

Adult Education Center

415 N. 30th

Billings, MT 59101


 Deadline:  snailmail by October 4 or email by October 7


MAACE Vision Statement


The Montana Association for Adult and Community Education strives to provide an environment that is responsive to student needs, encourages life-long learning from basic literacy through advanced education in a safe, supportive atmosphere, so that each individual can become informed, responsible parents, citizens, and productive members of our community, state, nation and world.