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Skyscraper Scavenger Hunt

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Skyscraper PictureSkyscraper Scavenger Hunt


See if you can find the answers to these questions about skyscrapers. 




1.  What did Walter Chrysler decorate his building with?



2.  Which building is considered the “first American skyscraper”?



3.  How many passenger elevators were there in each tower of the   World Trade Center?



4.  How many steps must you climb to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower?



5.  Where is the world’s tallest skyscraper located?



6.  What does “Project SERENE” stand for?



7.  What is the tallest building west of the Mississippi River?



8.  How many times per year is the Empire State Building struck by lightning?



9.  How did the engineers construct the John Hancock Center so it could withstand the winds in the Windy City of Chicago?




10.  What was the name of the church built beneath one of the skyscrapers?



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