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Building Big - Bridges - Unit 3 Outline 

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Day 1

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This curriculum is designed around the Building Big Web Site created by PBS. The curriculum is a very good example of integration of technology in the classroom.


Day 1: Watch Building Bridges video (45 minutes)

This is optional as each activity can stand independently. Tapes can be purchased from the web site or borrowed from many public libraries.

Paper Bridge Activity – (20 minutes)

Student handout

Educator handout 

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Day 2: Bridge Basics Web Site – (10 minutes)

       Complete The Bridge Challenges (Location 1 & 2) 

       Students use Engineer’s Notebook to predict and record their findings.

        (40 minutes) 

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Day 3:  Architect guest speaker from a local company (1 hour) or

Read the Interview with Miguel Rosales, A.I.A.Architect .

Discuss this interview in class. 

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Day 4:  Students use Engineer’s Notebook and website to help solve the remaining two Bridge Challenges.

            (30 minutes)  

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Day 5:  Students design and build a bridge as described in the 

              Educator's Guide Bridge Challenge. (1 to 1 ½ hours)


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