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Who Should Use This Family Literacy Guide? 

This Guidebook will be helpful to the following: 

·        family literacy educators

·        administrators of family literacy programs

·        state curriculum specialists 

What is the Purpose of the Family Literacy Guide? 

As family literacy educators, we encourage you to use this Guide to enhance the instruction, and most importantly the learning, of our parents and family members. This guide began with a group of family literacy educators just like you. Together we grappled over many issues and questions related to teaching and learning and the design of sound and effective instruction.  

It is our hope that this Guide… 

·        Assists you in implementing outcomes-based learner-centered instruction with educational outcomes that focus on the roles of learners in the contexts of …

·        Provides you with a set of examples of outcomes-based lesson plans

·        Provides a consistent and systemic method statewide and nationally for delivery of family literacy curricula

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