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During the 2000-2001school year, Adult Educators from Even Start and ESL programs at Portland Community College and Clackamas Children's Commission worked together with Dr. Don Prickel from Oregon State University to create a framework for English as a Second Language instruction in a family literacy program.
They wanted to create lessons with a clear outcome and explore new ways to evaluate learners' abilities. They also wanted to pull together CASAS, Even Start quality indicators, parents' goals and Equipped for the Future into a holistic approach integrating Even STart components, but especially the components of Parent Education and Support and Adult Education. The result is the following curriculum framework. I join them in inviting ESL, Even STart and family literacy educators to think about this approach, try some of their lessons and design some new ones of their own.
We hope this can be a living document. There is a blank lesson plan form in the back of the manual.  Try creating a lesson using this framework and give us your feedback. Oregon Even Start programs and others will try out the lessons and we'll post new additions. We are also interested in your comments, please send them to cathy.lindsley@state.or.us with ESL Family Literacy framework in subject line.
Educators may make copies of any of the materials in the framework for classroom use.
Even Start programs used Even Start program dollars from Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development to pay for product development. Even Start administration dollars were used to pay for producing hard copies for each adult education program and Even Start program in Oregon. Thank you to Linda Eckert from NW LINCS for making this product available on line.
Cathy Lindsley, Even Start coordinator
Education and Workforce Specialist
Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development

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