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Correctional Education Association
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Located below are several highlighted resources in the Student/Learner category. If you would like a list of all the resources in this category, click here.

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This book, available from Canadian Literacy Resources, was the idea of inmates in the Literacy Program at Brandon Correctional Institution. The participants have illustrated the "Twelve Steps to Sobriety" and have focused on communicating their message to Native youth. The site includes a RealAudio version.

Project Metamorphosis:
The curriculum was designed specifically for persons in correctional settings. The skills developed include basic skills, cognitive skills, and job skills. The curriculum is built around the notion that each student is the president of a corporation, which is him or herself. (PDF file)

Corrections Connection
The Corrections Connection is a weekly news source committed to improving the lives of corrections professionals and their families.  It is an open forum where practitioners could exchange ideas and utilize best practices, resources, case studies, and new technologies.

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