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Correctional Education Association
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Three State Recidivism Study
The Correctional Education Association conducted the Three State Recidivism Study for the United States Department of Education Office of Correctional Education.  The study was designed to see if education, independent of other programs, could have significant impact on the behavior of inmates after release.  The analysis of the data indicates that inmates who participated in education programs while incarcerated showed lower rates of recidivism after three years.

Literacy Work in Wheatfield Prison, Dublin Ireland
Mary Kett
This paper describes literacy provision in Wheatfield Prison in Dublin, Ireland. Literacy is provided as an integral part of a broad education program designed to foster personal development and prepare prisoners for post-release. A holistic approach to education is adopted and literacy teaching is integrated wherever possible into the broader curriculum, including Instructional Technology (IT) and Creative Arts courses. 

Humanizing the Nigerian Prison Through Literacy Education: Echoes From Afar
Usiwoma Evawoma Enuku
Prison population has been on the increase in recent years reaching well over 70,000 in 1997, seventy percent of whom are functionally illiterate. Because of limited resource allocation for educational programs there has been little systematic educational provision for prison inmates in Nigeria since the inception of the prison service. In view of the increasing emphasis on correctional education in most countries in Europe and North America, this paper focuses on the need to humanize the Nigerian prison system through education provisions.

"Read to Succeed": An Inmate to Inmate Literacy Program in Washington State
Patricia Franklin
Journal of Correctional Education, Volume 51, Issue 3, September 2000.
"Read to Succeed" is a literacy program that serves the general inmate population of the Washington State Reformatory.  This article describes the specific working of a "state model" in the hopes that other correctional educators will find it helpful when developing programs.  Everything you need to start your own program should be included in this article.

Correctional Education Association
The CEA is a membership association of education professionals working in a wide range of correctional settings.  CEA can assist adult literacy practitioners through legislative advocacy, professional development activities, publications, and networking services.

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