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Correctional Education Association
4380 Forbes Blvd.
Lanham, MD 20706
(800) 783-1232
(301) 918-1846 (fax)



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The Correctional Education Association (CEA) is a professional association for educators working in correctional facilities.  The CEA was founded in 1946 by Austin McCormick, a leader in prison reform.  The membership of CEA is comprised of educators from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other nations from around the world.  CEA publishes a peer-reviewed journal quarterly, a newsletter, and hosts conferences throughout the year.  The headquarters is located in the DC metro area.  CEA has long standing cooperative relationships with other correctional and educational groups such as the American Correctional Association, the American Jail Association, the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, and the National Association for Adults with Special Learning Needs.  For more information on the Correctional Education Association, please visit the web at  

CEA is responsible for maintaining the content of the LINCS Correctional Education Special Collection.  Our extensive experience and contacts in the field of correctional education affords us the opportunity to make resources available related to literacy in corrections.  If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact the project at the CEA Headquarters.  We can be reached at 800-783-1232 or via email at  


LINCS Correctional Education Special Collection Brochure


CEA Staff

Dr. Stephen Steurer
Executive Director of CEA    

Heather Bedell
Assistant Director of CEA and LINCS Project Director          

Dr. Ralph Kaplan
Web Consultant and LINCS Project Cataloger

Core Knowledge Group

In the field of Correctional Education, educators work with the full spectrum of educational needs.  One of the keys of the LINCS Correctional Education Special Collection is the Core Knowledge Group.  The individuals of the Core Knowledge Group represent a variety of backgrounds and experiences in the field of Correctional Education.  Our CKG is comprised of the following members to provide the collection with a well-rounded content that meets the varied needs of our audience.  The CEA Special Interest Groups are smaller groups made up of the CEA membership to network and discuss issues related to a particular interest area in Correctional Education.  The CKG of the Special Collection provide suggested topic areas for the content of the collection as well as ensure quality materials are included in the collection.  The members of the Correctional Education Special Collection Core Knowledge Group are:

Dr. Carolyn Eggleston

University of California at San Bernadino

Center for the Study of Correctional Education

President of the Correctional Education Association


Dr. Eggleston provides the perspective of professional development and training for correctional educators.  She is also actively involved in the National Institute for Correctional Education and began serving her two-year term as President of CEA.


Cormac Behan

Mountjoy Prison Education Centre

International Representative – Non-Canadian for the CEA

Chair of the CEA International Special Interest Group


Mr. Behan provides the international perspective on the Collection.  He also brings valuable contacts with the European Prison Education Association and from the international correctional education community.  Mr. Behan is also a classroom instructor and brings valuable information and resources from both the academic and practical stand points.


Dr. Arlene Chorney

Principal of the Rhode Island Training School

President of the Council of Directors of Correctional Education (CDCE)


Dr. Chorney is responsible for all juvenile correctional education for the state of Rhode Island.  Dr. Chorney has also served as President of the CDCE for over a year.   Dr. Chorney’s contributes to the Collection both from the perspective of working juvenile populations, but also the concerns and issues facing state level administrators of correctional education programs.


Dr. Clint Davis

Deputy Warden of Programs for MTC at AZ State Prison - Kingman

Chair of the CEA Female Offenders Special Interest Group


Dr. Davis has been working with female offenders for many years and has served the Correctional Education Association as the Chair of the Female Offenders Special Interest Group.  He has written many academic articles on strategies for working with the fast growing demographic of inmates in the United States: Females.  Dr. Davis’s employment with the Management & Training Corporation also brings the private prison perspective to the Collection.


B. J. Berquist

Art Teacher at Loysville Youth Development Center in Pennsylvania

Chair of the CEA Juvenile Special Interest Group

Moderator for Tapped-In


Ms. Berquist works with Juvenile Offenders and serves as the Chair of the Juvenile Special Interest Group.  She is experienced with different web-based resources for teachers and understands the current trends in juvenile justice. 


Tina Cameron

Literacy Lab Teacher at the Maryland Correctional Training Center

Chair of the CEA Literacy Special Interest Group


Ms. Cameron works for the Maryland State Dept. of Education Correctional Education Program.  She has worked with all levels of literacy in the correctional population.  Her perspective on literacy in the field and the issues and strategies for enhancing program delivery are a valuable resource to the Collection.


Ralph Orleck

Special Education Director for the Rhode Island Dept. of Corrections

Chair of the CEA Special Education Special Interest Group


Mr. Orleck is responsible for special education for prisons in the state of Rhode Island.  He has extensive experience in providing services to this population and understands the issues and trends related to special education for the correctional population.


Tracy Eisenhower

Associate Director of the National Institute of Correctional Education


As a representative of the National Institute of Correctional Education, Ms. Eisenhower serves as a vital link between the many issues in the field of correctional education.  NICE works with the CEA Executive Board, the Council of Directors of Correctional Education, and with their own advisory board to identify the current issues in correctional education.  The perspective and knowledge that Ms. Eisenhower brings to the CKG enhances the ability of the Collection to be responsive to the needs in the field. 


David Webb

Technical Editor for the Journal of Correctional Education

Director of Outreach Programs at Ashland University

Chair of the Ohio Penal Education Consortium


Mr. Webb brings a variety of expertise from the field to the CKG.  His participation in the Ohio Penal Education Consortium and Director of Outreach for Ashland provides extensive background on programs in the field especially post-secondary education.  As an editor of CEA’s Journal of Correctional  Education, he assists with identifying resources with potential for inclusion in the Collection.  Mr. Webb also received CEA’s Al Maresh Award for innovations in computer-aided instruction in 2004. 

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