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There is an extremely wide variety of material on the Internet, ranging in its accuracy, reliability, and value. Unlike most traditional information media (books, magazines, organizational documents), no one has to approve the content before it is made public. The real task is to evaluate what is found and, in many cases, modify it to meet your needs.  This is especially true when looking for material for the adult learner

Thousands of websites were explored and not many were suitable for the ABE student without some modifications. Just as it is difficult to find print material that is high interest and low reading ability it is difficult to find internet material that is at the correct level and visually appropriate for the adult learner.

Some general problems were found:

Alaska LINCS Website

The Alaska LINCS website was totally revised this year with a great new look and improved ease of use. Over 120 sites were added to the Alaska LINCS website.

ESL - 45 links

Science - 16 links

Math - 26 links

Social Studies - 16 links

Reading - 9 links

Writing - 8 links

Other -1 link


 Some of these links are specific sites and other links take the user to multiple sites. 

Suggestions for the future



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