Lesson 8 -  Writing Checks

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Website: http://english-zone.com/reading/checks.html

What is the goal (s) of this lesson?

Students will be able to correctly identify the parts of a check and then practice writing checks.


What steps (objectives) do you need to achieve the main goals? What instructional strategies will you use? 

Teaching Objectives

Activities (Instructional Strategies)



Reading and Writing  Checks

Students will log onto the site.  They will study the parts of the sample check to learn what each line of the check is used for. They can then take an on-line quiz to see how well they know the parts of a check.   

Students will then practice writing checks.








How did the website activities contribute to student learning?
Was the goal achieved? How do you know, i.e. what could the students do or do better as a result of the lesson?

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